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Sunday, 19 June 2016 14:59

Tips for Cleaning Your Diamonds

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Diamond ring in AtlantaWhether you are interested in selling a diamond ring or simply keeping your diamonds in the best possible condition, knowing how to keep them sparkling clean is a helpful skill. Read on for expert tips on cleaning diamonds and keeping your diamond rings in the best possible condition.

Regular, Gentle Cleanings

While diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, a gentle touch is the best approach for keeping them clean. Using a toothbrush dedicated solely to cleaning your jewelry or a specific jewelry cleaning brush, a gentle digressing solution (whether you get one from a jeweler or create your own from dish soap and water), and gentle scrubbing motions, clean your entire ring. Focus on the small crevices and spaces that collect dirt, grease, oil, and other substances that detract from your diamond’s beauty.

Hands Off

While admiring and handling your diamond is tempting, the fingerprints and accumulation of oil from your skin are a less-than-desirable consequence. Admire your diamond with your eyes, not your hands, and your diamond will stay clean and sparkly.

Watch Your Chemicals

Chemicals like chlorine, bleach, and other abrasive mixtures will actually do more harm than good when it comes to keeping your ring clean. The metal of your ring can be scratched and damaged, and damage to the setting and prongs for your diamond can be detrimental to the overall integrity of your ring.

Professional Cleanings

In addition to the regular cleanings you can do on your own, taking your ring to a professional jeweler is a good way to get a more thorough cleaning for your diamond. Ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaning, and other options are available to renew the sparkle and shine that makes your diamond so beautiful.

If you are interested, diamond buyers in Atlanta will appraise your diamond, which is best done in a clean state. Buyers will also help you work out a deal that is mutually beneficial. A professional cleaning will help to ensure your diamond looks as good as possible, and whether you keep or sell your diamond, a sparkly diamond is always the goal.

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Ways to Determine the Value of Your Jewelry

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Gold and Silver Jewelry on Money PileJewelry can make an outfit or it can symbolize love, but it's no secret it can also be worth a lot. Whether you need some quick cash, a loan, or are simply no longer as attached to your jewelry like you used to be, Atlanta jewelry buyers are ready to take it off your hands. Here are ways to determine the value of your precious metals and gems and how to get the best deal when deciding where to sell jewelry.

Be Familiar with What You Have

Maybe you've always thought a ring that was passed down to you is valuable, but it might not be an authentic gem or worth much at all. Or, it could be worth a lot! The only way to know for sure is to take what you're thinking of selling to an unbiased appraiser who will give you an accurate estimate of their worth. 

If you are looking for an inexpensive or even free way to get what you have appraised accurately, pawn shops also offer appraisal services and could be a one-stop shop to getting the cash you need. 

Un-Attach Yourself

If you want to sell the jewelry you have, it's also important to be ready to part with it. Although jewelry is only a material possession, it can also symbolize love and commitment. But when it comes to selling, you have to leave emotions out of it. A diamond, for example, may seem to you that it's worth more than it is to you because of the sentimental value, but a potential buyer won't see it the same way. 

If you aren't quite ready to say goodbye to your jewelry for good but still need some cash, getting a cash loan from a pawn shop is a great way to go. Make sure you pick a shop in Atlanta with competitive rates and that you'll be able to pay back the loan in time. Then the piece you pawned will be right back in your hands.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 15:40

The Value of Gold

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Gold BarsGold has always been used as money throughout the history of time. From gold coins, bars, and other fixed units, gold has been used since their first known coins were struck around 600 BC  in Asia Minor. Ever since then, gold has been highly valued and used as a trade item. Eventually, the gold standard was implemented in the US, where the standard dollar was based on a fixed amount of gold. After a while, however, most nations abandoned the gold standard because it didn’t work as well as they would have liked. Though a lot of countries still hold a lot of gold in their reserves, it isn’t used as much as it was. And though gold used to be sought after and mined, there’s now enough gold in circulation where there isn’t as much a need for mining. Though gold is still extremely valued, gold is used for only a few things nowadays. Here’s where gold is used in the modern world and where it is still valued today! 


Gold is used in investments today because it holds against inflation or other economic disruptions. Many people purchase stores in gold to ensure that if the market crashes, they will still have their money’s worth in gold.


Gold is also used in electronics because it is non-corrosive and has good connectivity. Generally, this means it’s used in electrical connectors (like audio, video, and USB cables) and in cell phones. Though there are only little bits of gold used in cell phones, with how many cellphones are created these days, there’s a lot of gold that goes into all the cell phones in the world! 


Over 50% of the world’s new gold is invested in jewelry—which means there’s a lot of good gold jewelry in the world. From necklaces to engagement rings, gold is one of the most coveted metals in jewelry and pays for itself in the long run. If you are one of the Atlanta gold buyers, look no further than Elan Diamond Group. We will pay the best price for your gold jewelry and if you are looking for a trade in, we have lots of beautiful jewelry to choose from. Call or come by today!

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Determining the Quality of Diamonds

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DiamondsDiamonds are one of the most beautiful minerals in the world and symbolize love and relationship in today’s world. But choosing a diamond is an extremely difficult process, especially if you don’t know what makes a perfect diamond. Here are just a few things a diamond buyer in Atlanta needs to look for. 

Diamond Grading Chart

If you are an Atlanta diamond buyer, the first thing that you’ll want to consider is the diamond grading chart. This grading chart is meant to help diamond consumers figure out the best diamond for the cut and size of diamond they want. The diamond grading chart is also known as the 4 C’s, which are explained below. 


The cut of the diamond is one of the first things you’ll want to look at when deciding on purchasing a diamond. There are many different cuts to choose from, but you’ll want to determine what type of cut works best for the person you are purchasing the diamond for. Here are the different types of cuts:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Pear Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Asscher
  • Radiant
  • Heart

Each has its own merits, but the most popular tends to be the round diamond and the princess cut. 


The next thing you’ll want to determine is the color of the diamond. This usually refers to white diamonds that vary from colorless to light colored diamonds. If you want a diamond set in white gold, you’ll want to get a diamond near colorless. And if you are willing to compromise for a light colored diamond, you may be able to get a larger diamond. 


For clarity, you’ll want to look for diamonds that have fewer inclusions. Inclusions are like birthmarks—small imperfections inside the diamond or on the surface. If there are more inclusions in the diamond, the less brilliant and reflective it is. You’ll want to look for something with the fewest number of inclusions to make sure that your diamond sparkles like it should. 

Carat Weight

Lastly, the carat weight is the most familiar part of diamond buying in Atlanta, and is just the weight of the diamond. The most common size of diamonds are a 1/2 carat, 1 carat, and 2 carat diamond. You’ll want to check whether or not your significant other cares how big the diamond is because that may be a deal breaker in choosing a diamond ring.

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What You Need to Know about Selling Your Jewelry

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Selling gold, diamonds, or other rarely worn jewelry pieces is a great way to earn some quick cash. Are you or is someone you know looking into selling their jewelry? Maybe they are looking to sell their jewelry in Atlanta, Ga? Here are some great tips for selling jewelry. 


When someone is trying to sell their jewelry, they want to find a company that has a reputation for being honest. They want to do their research and make sure the business they are using has a license and good policies before taking their jewelry into the store. Asking around to see if anyone has used that store before is a good idea, too. 


Sometimes someone will have a time limit in which they need to sell their jewelry. Other times it doesn't matter how long it takes. There are consignment stores that they could use, but that is going to take the most time. If they need to get their jewelry sold quickly, then they will need to use a store that buys the jewelry outright. Choosing to do consignment or selling jewelry privately will take the most time and effort. Finding a store that will buy the jewelry on the spot will be the most convenient. Jewelry sellers will need to do their research and make sure that they're using a store that will still pay them well for buying it on the spot. 


Selling gold, diamonds and other jewelry at a reputable store insures the owner's safety. Under no circumstance should a person allow an unknown jewelry buyer into their home. That opens them up for theft and puts all the members of the household in danger. Anyone can pretend to be a jewelry buyer. Keeping assets and family members safe should be the number one priority of anyone wishing to sell their jewelry. 

Selling jewelry can be a great way to get extra money when it's needed. There are, of course, going to be good, reputable jewelry buyers, and buyers that are out to take advantage of people. Make sure that when deciding on a buyer to check into their policies and licenses. Ask around and make sure the person or company being considered has a reputation for being honest.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 13:41

5 Tips to Selling Your Diamond Jewelry

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Your diamond wedding ring symbolized the bond you and your partner shared, but now that the marriage is over, you don't know what to do with it. Or maybe you have some jewelry that you no longer wear and you want to cash it in to pay extra bills or expenses. Whatever the case may be, here are some tips to help you get the right price for your jewelry before going to a diamond buyer in Atlanta.

Find an Appraiser

Before going straight to an interested buyer, you must first appraise your diamonds. You don't know for sure that your jewels are real or not. And just because your partner may have spent thousands of dollars on the ring doesn't mean it equals the value of the diamond itself. A qualified appraiser will tell you if your jewel is fake, worth more, or worth less than the original price.

Set a Price

Once you find out how much the jewelry is worth, you have to figure out what is the best price for it. You don't want to go too high or else you'll scare off potential buyers, but not too low so you won't get the full value of it. Being realistic is the key here.

Shop Around for Options

Don't give in to the first person that wants your diamonds. You may fall into the trap of getting less than what you could've gotten. Inspect the options out there, then decide which one will give you the right deal.


You might come across a buyer that wants to pay less than your initial price. In this situation, you can do one of three things. The first is you can stick to your price and find another buyer that will give you what you want. Second, you can give in to the buyer and receive less money that you wanted. But the third is to negotiate. Even though you might end up receiving a little less, you'll be able to draw up a realistic price that you and the buyer can agree on.

Be Emotionally Ready to Sell

There might come a time during the selling process that the emotions tied to the jewelry will return and that's okay. You've had these items for a long time and, of course, you've attached yourself to them. But you must remember that you'll always have the memories long after you've sold your jewels.

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Determining the Value of Melee Diamonds

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Most people know that there are different kinds of diamonds. There are different cuts, clarity, and other factors that need to be considered when purchasing a diamond or selling it to one of the Atlanta diamond buyers. There are different colors, even brown diamonds for you to sell. And of course, there are different sizes. The smallest type of diamonds are called melee diamonds. To determine the value of these diamonds, here are 2 things that you should look for.


Melee diamonds are known for their size. In fact, some consumers call them diamond chips because they're so small. Many people will use these as part of their diamond setting. They may have several melee diamonds around their larger diamond on their rings or other piece of jewelry. They tend to range between .001 and .18 carats. These are the most commonly found diamonds in the world. Because they're so common and so small, they tend to be much cheaper and less valuable than other types of diamonds.


Since these diamonds are so small, they are usually sold unpolished and unfaceted. This means that the diamonds are typically rough to the touch. The roughness can impede the light hitting the diamond, which makes it difficult to reflect the light. It won't bend the light as much. This will cause the diamond to have less clarity, which can impact the value of the diamond.  

For people who are looking to sell a melee diamond to one of the diamond buyers in Atlanta, it's important to know how to determine the value of these diamonds. When selling the diamond, one should have a better idea of what the value of the diamond is and how much they can get for it. Know the size of the diamond in carats. Find out whether or not it's polished. If there is still any question as to the value of the melee diamonds, then one should bring it to a professional who can evaluate it and determine its worth.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016 13:25

5 Questions to Ask When Selling Your Jewelry

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Whether a person is looking for a jewelry loan or wants to sell jewelry and make some money, it's important to choose the right buyer. In order to do this, the seller needs to be assertive, asking the right questions to determine if the buyer will give them a fair deal. Here are 5 questions that are helpful to ask.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

It's not to say that a newer business won't be as trustworthy as an older one, but new businesses are popping up all over, knowing that they can make quick money buying and selling jewelry. Sellers should look for a company that has been in business for at least a year. Finding one that has been working in this industry for at least 5 years would be even better.

What Is Your Pay Rate?

Sellers can compare companies based on the pay rate that they offer. They should find out how much the company will pay them per gram for an item of jewelry that has 14 karat gold. The seller should specify that they want to know the buy price, not the sell price.  

How Do You Weigh Gold Jewelry?

If the company weighs the jewelry to determine its worth, it's important to find out what measurement is used. Companies typically use grams or pennyweights, though pennyweights tend to lower the price that a seller can receive.

Which Brands Are Worth More?

Asking about which brands are worth more not only helps the seller determine whether they have high-priced items or not, but it can also tell the seller a lot about the buyer. Buyers who have been in this industry for a while will have a better knowledge of the brands and their value.

When and How Do You Pay?

The jewelry buyers in Atlanta will provide same-day payments to sellers. The payment should be in cash and not a check, which could bounce and lead to other problems for the seller.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016 13:17

Finding a Reliable Diamond Buying Company

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There comes a point in life where it is time to say “out with the old and in with the new.” Diamond jewelry will always have great value, so it makes the selling process that much easier. Women always want to upgrade their belongings, and jewelry is definitely one of them. Every day there are new up and coming styles to make diamonds more desirable. This makes finding a reputable Atlanta diamond buyer very important within this entire process.


What are some important things to look for when finding a buyer that will make this experience fair? When you look for a diamond buyer, you need to make sure that he is using the 4 C’s when it comes to grading: Color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. If all four of those attributes are not being considered, then you should probably look for a different buyer. An accurate grade on the diamond is how you will determine the value. To make sure that you aren’t being ripped off, a grader with a trustworthy background is what will benefit you the most.


The common mistake is to go to the buyer that promises the most on their website. Chances are that there is some sort of catch that you will find out when it is too late. Find a company that is well known, not a small company that claims to be the best. If you take the time to do a lot of research, then you definitely won’t regret your final decision after you are filled with a wealth of knowledge.

Fake Companies

Unfortunately, there are companies out there that are just trying to scam people right and left. They do everything to make sure their website looks professional and even create false reviews to increase attractiveness. These companies even try to get you to mail in your diamond and claim they will pay you after they have finished the grading process. This isn’t recommended and will definitely be a decision that you regret if you don't find the right diamond buyer in Atlanta

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Sell Jewelry with Ease

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Whether it’s a hand-me-down dragon brooch from your great aunt or an “I don’t want to marry you anymore” engagement ring, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your jewelry. Selling jewelry in Atlanta can be a stressful time, whatever the reason. The options for where to sell your valuables are endless, with many shady businesses trying to undercut the price. Finding a trustworthy place is so important if you want to be treated well and get the highest possible price for the jewelry you want to sell.

To begin with, you’ll want to look at reviews, something to help you weed out the obviously shady businesses that want to get their hands on your goods. You’re in luck where this is concerned, because the internet is now chock full of opinions and sites that support those opinions. Go to any number of sites and find the most popular place with the best reviews.

After that, shop around a bit. A lot of stores offer free quotes online. You might even be able to call and talk to a real person. If all else fails, take it into more than one store. It’s easy to take the money when the first place starts waving it in your face, but that just might not be the best offer. Allow yourself the opportunity to turn down an amount that you think is less than fair. Wait until the moment is right.

Selling jewelry can be as painful or as painless as you want it to be. Pawn shops are the way of the past. Go to a reputable jewelry dealer who might have some idea as to what they’re actually looking at. If you don’t, you could be getting a bad deal on some of your most prized possessions. Take the time to find the best place for you and who will offer the best price.

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