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Rolex is more than just a name. Of all the many luxury watch companies in the world, Rolex is arguably the most notable and well known. Rolex has become a household name, which is something few luxury brands can honestly claim. If you’re looking to sell a Rolex watch in Atlanta, it’s probably a good idea to know who tends to buy Rolex watches and why people are so interested and loyal to the name.


The name Rolex is synonymous with quality and luxury, as well as success, prestige, money, and achievement. It’s no wonder that so many people feel a bit more confident with a Rolex adorning their wrist. This is perhaps the easiest way to characterize people who prefer to buy Rolex watches. They’re people with a real passion for the finer things in life. Why buy a dozen watches that don’t carry any prestige and demand no attention, when you can invest in one that’s worthy of envy? The answer seems fairly simple.

If you wear a vintage Rolex watch, you’re wearing a piece of history. In 1910, Rolex received the first-ever “chronometer” ranking. This demonstrated achievement in both accuracy and precision. Today, every Rolex manufactured is chronometer-certified. If you’re a history buff or simply have an interest in innovation and excellence, Rolex is a name worthy of remembrance. Contemporary models are built on the remarkable history, engineering, and craftsmanship that have come before them. If you can’t buy a piece of history, you can always be part of history in the making.

Value and Rolex go hand-in-hand. Many companies feel the need to roll out brand new models every year or two. Instead, Rolex crafts updated iterations of existing models, steadily building on top of their established work and perfecting each and every component over time. New innovations and technological developments are integrated into each generation. This dedication to improvement and excellence is obviously appealing to anyone who believes in quality over quantity. Why buys a Rolex watch? Collectors and aficionados, or anyone who has a desire to invest in superior craftsmanship and superb construction.


Not everyone is a collector, but every collection has to begin somewhere. Once you’ve purchased your first luxury watch, it’s easy to get hooked. A Rolex is perhaps the ideal place to start with a luxury watch collection. Many other luxury brands are constantly compared to Rolex. In short: Rolex established the measures by which luxury watches are judged. Any luxury watch you buy will ultimately be compared to a Rolex at some point.

Of course, a Rolex is also an investment. Unlike most watches, a Rolex tends to hold its value or even increase in value over time, especially if it’s a popular model and in demand. A Rolex watch could easily become a family heirloom and be passed on to your children or grandchildren. Even if you never plan to actually sell your Rolex, it could be an investment that gets passed on and becomes a part of your legacy.

It’s not hard to imagine a desire for something beautiful engineered, artfully crafted, and exquisitely produced. A Rolex is a work of art that you can wear. This may seem like a boast, but more than a century of making history proves the truth of it.

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