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There are many reputable Rolex buyers in Atlanta. However, this doesn’t mean that all options for selling your old Rolex watch are the same. Some of the top ways to sell your use Rolex are easier than others, and the price tag won’t always be equivalent. It depends on how much risk you’re willing to accept and how important the money is to you.

1. Friends and Family

Perhaps the easiest solution is to ask people you know. You may have friends, family members, or coworkers who would love to buy your old Rolex watch. If you’re willing to take a bit of a loss on the watch’s value, it’s an easy option. This is the major downside to selling to people you know. They’re not appraisers, and they may not know what the watch is really worth. Even if they’re a collector of luxury watchers, they may assume that a friend or family discount automatically applies. Most people simply don’t expect to pay their friend top dollar for their old watch.

2. Pawn Shop

Your local pawn shop is a quick and easy way to sell many items. While these are nice bonuses, the price is going to be significantly less than you would like. Pawnshops tend to work with used guitars, televisions, and other electronics or household items. They may get the occasional engagement ring, but they don’t specialize in luxury watches. It’s fast and easy, but you’re likely to get offered a rock-bottom price.

3. Boutique or Jewelry Store

As a general rule, Rolex and other luxury watch brands don’t like seeing anyone other than their own authorized dealers selling their merchandise. However, they tend to have relatively high overheads, so their offer for a used Rolex still might not be as impressive as you would want. Jewelry stores are similar to boutiques. They could have a number of luxury watches on their shelves, but they want to resell the watch for a profit. This means they have to give you a lower price in order to keep their profit margin where they want it. Granted, jewelry stores and boutiques are unlikely to try and scam you. They’re comparatively safer than some other options.

4. Craigslist or Other Websites

With Craigslist, eBay, and selling apps, it seems like you have a ton of different ways to sell a used Rolex watch. You even get to choose the list price. Meeting people in person can be risky, especially if they know you’re carrying a Rolex. Shipping is a much safer approach. Of course, people don’t usually anticipate paying hundreds or thousands for a watch on these websites or apps. Although they can be used, it might take a long time to find a buyer who’s willing to pay what your watch is actually worth.

5. Professional Watch Buyers

This may be your best option. Companies that specifically buy and sell use luxury watches know what a Rolex is worth. Many of these companies offer free quotes, and they may be willing to match other legitimate offers. These resellers know the market inside and out. They know they can move merchandise, so they’re not really gambling when it comes to purchasing new inventory. If they’re a reputable business and specialize in luxury watches, be sure to bookmark them and make a point of contacting the company.

It’s not a challenge to sell a Rolex in Atlanta. The difficulty is getting a fair deal from a reputable buyer. Contact Elan Diamond Group at (404) 948-3613 if you have any questions or would like a quote.