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  • Step 1 – Locate the reference, case, and movement numbers. The certificate of origin contains this information, but if you don’t have this paperwork, have a professional watchmaker open up the watch’s caseback to get this information.
  • Step 2 – Complete the set. You want to sell your watch with all the original packaging materials, including the box and paperwork. If you don’t have these items to complete the set, order them directly from Patek Philippe.
  • Step 3 – Research the current market value for your Patek Philippe watch. Keep in mind that the watch’s condition and the availability of paperwork and box directly affects the watch’s current value.
  • Step 4 – Choose where you’ll sell your watch. Decide if you want to sell to a private buyer or a specialized retailer. Also, decide if you’ll sell outright for cash or if you’ll consign the watch.

Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Patek Philippe Watch