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There are some great Rolex buyers in Atlanta, but a buyer might not be what you need. If you’re looking to purchase your first Rolex watch, there are some important steps to keep in mind. With a little bit of patience and diligence, you should be able to find a fantastic Rolex that suits your style and your budget.

1. Initial Questions

Is a Rolex a good fit for your personal style? It’s easy to get enamored by the name, history, and luxury without realizing what it’ll really mean for you to wear a Rolex every day. Can you afford a Rolex? Even if you find a good deal, a Rolex isn’t cheap. It’s a good idea to think about the price tag. Are you purchasing a Rolex for the right reasons? It might be a present, or you could be buying it for yourself. Do you want it as a status symbol, or are you genuinely partial to the style, craftsmanship, or quality of the watch? Think through these questions and remember your answers as you move forward.

2. Vintage, Antique, New, or Pre-Owned

An antique watch is 100 years old or more. Vintage watches are typically at least 20-30 years old. If you buy a new Rolex, you’ll get the box, papers, and all the accessories that go with it, but you’ll also be paying top dollar for it. Used watches can range from a few years old to decades. However, a used Rolex will generally be the best bargain. Vintage watches can be good deals, but it’s not guaranteed. An antique Rolex could be more expensive than a brand-new model. As you can see, prices range quite a bit.

3. Details, Size, and Model

Before you narrow down the specific model, you may want to check out the different details of each Rolex. Look at the bezels, dials, bands, materials, and features. Do you need a diving watch? That’ll narrow down your options. Would it be nice to have multiple time zones? Is white gold fine, or do you absolutely have to have platinum? The various details will help you scratch at least a few models off your list.

Size is another factor. As a basic rule, the watch should cover about two-thirds of the width of your wrist. This means a slender wrist might not mesh with the Submariner, which only comes in 40mm. It could simply be a bit too large and clunky when worn. This is why the details matter. Once you’ve chosen a particular model and know the specifics that you want, you can begin trying on watches.

4. Physical Store

Obviously, you’ll need a physical store to try on watches. There’s usually an authorized Rolex dealer in any major city. There could even be more than one. Go into the store and try on a few Rolex watches. Get a feel for the watch, and see how it actually looks when worn. Once you’ve had the experience, you should leave. Wait a week or even a few weeks before making a final decision. If six weeks later and you still feel like you have to have that watch, it’s probably worth the investment.

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5. Reputable Dealer

Find a reputable dealer for the actual purchase. It’ll be less hassle, and you’ll likely be much happier with the experience. Contact Elan Diamond Group at 404-860-2098 if you have any questions regarding buying a watch. If you’re Googling, “where to sell my Rolex in Atlanta,” try Elan Diamond Group.