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Sell Your Fine Panerai Watch in Atlanta

If you are looking to sell fine watches in Atlanta, perhaps you have a Panerai on your hands? This watchmaker’s history has a reputation as a diving watch, but it took time before they started making dive watches. In 1860, Giovanni Panerai opened his first watch shop in Florence, Italy, for pocket watches. Four years later, the team that developed into the Panerai brand was formed, specializing in mechanical engineering and design with the purpose of creative diving instruments for the Italian Navy. The company would later produce diving instruments, as well as diving watches, for the Egyptian Army and the German Kampfschwimmers as well. Eventually, the diving wristwatches became obsolete instruments to these military groups, and therefore Panerai’s market shifted away from diving.

Very early models of Panerai diving watches had numerals painted on with a variation of radium, one of the most radioactive substances known to man. The material was effective for being able to glow in the dark, but was also extremely poisonous and ended up killing several of the working girls producing the watches. The feature had to be abandoned until later.

Fortunately, today’s Panerai watch buyers don’t have to worry about radioactive substances. The watches are the ultimate in luxury and quality, and at Élan Diamond Group, our luxury watch buyers are always thrilled to make an offer to people who want to sell a Panerai watch in Atlanta.

Dependable Panerai Watch Seller

For years, Panerai was only really popular for its historical value and not as much as a modern watchmaking brand. Actor Sylvester Stallone bought a Panerai Luminor from a Roman jeweler in 1995 to wear in his upcoming film, Daylight. Stallone also ordered a small batch of Panerai watches with his signature on them to give as gifts to friends. These gestures helped to garner the interest and attention of the public again for the brand, causing a resurrection of a watchmaker that was on the decline. Now, the company produces limited batches of new watch styles every year, and the watches are put into the following categories: Historic, Contemporary, Manifattura, and Special Edition. Their most valuable models still remain the older diving watches, especially those produced in the 1940s through the 1950s.

Those selling watches for cash can expect a great offer from the luxury watch buyers at Élan Diamond Group.

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Are you looking for places to sell luxury watches? You’ve come to the right place. Élan Diamond Group offers free consultations for determining watch values and quoting you a cash value for your watch. To visit with us, contact us today to get started.

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