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If you have a jewelry collection full of pieces you never wear and you’re hoping to whittle down your collection, selling your gold and jewelry can be a great way to make some extra money in the process. Read on for some pro tips and suggestions for selling your jewelry and finding gold buyers in Atlanta.

Do Know What You’re Working With

The first step in a successful jewelry sale is to know what you’re working with. Raid your jewelry box or dresser drawers and select the items you want to sell. Take a little bit of time and evaluate the pieces you’re ready to part with. Take note of what metals each piece consists of, what stones are included, and the specifics that will determine the eventual sale price of each piece. For example, see if you have a record of the diamond’s features (size, clarity, etc.) in the necklace you’re selling or the type of gold used in the earrings you’re getting rid of.

Don’t Forget to Educate Yourself

Once you know a little more about the jewelry you’re selling, you can educate yourself about the specific qualities that determine price. For example, if you have a pearl necklace you’re hoping to sell, learn about what distinguishes high-quality pearls from lower-priced options. Diamonds with accompanying certificates that indicate high-quality specs (cut, color, clarity, carat) will sell for more than uncertified stones. Find out the gold mixture in the jewelry you’re selling, since purer gold (higher karat) will fetch a better price. Knowing which features increase the price of your jewelry will allow you to have an educated conversation with the jewelry buyer and enable you to point out those features when discussing price.

Do Prepare Your Jewelry for Sale

Just like you get your car detailed before putting it up for sale, there are a few little steps to take in order to prepare your jewelry for sale. Clean your jewelry, have any white gold pieces rhodium plated, polish any pieces that lack luster, check the clasps on necklaces or watches, and have pearls restrung if necessary. Your jewelry being in the best possible condition will help you get a fair price.

Don’t Forget to Be Realistic

Of course, it is always important to be impartial and realistic when going into a gold or jewelry sale. Remember that the objective value of the jewelry is what matters, not the sentimental value or your personal perception of its worth. This is where your research will pay off so there are no surprises or disappointments when you meet with your buyer.

Various gold jewelry on reflective surface

Do Go to a Reputable Jeweler

While it may be tempting to sell your gold and jewelry to an internet stranger who promises top prices or a pawn shop that offers quick cash, your safest and best bet is always to sell to a reputable buyer. This ensures that you avoid scams and get a fair price. A jeweler will be able to more accurately and fairly evaluate your jewelry than an untrained individual, and a reputable shop will be fair and professional.

If you’re interested in selling gold in Atlanta, following these suggestions will help you get the best price and have a smooth, successful selling process, so reach out to the Elan Diamond Group today to schedule an appointment.