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Monday, 07 August 2017 10:22

What to Know before Selling Your Diamond

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Are you considering selling a diamond? There are a variety of reasons you might make the decision to sell a diamond from your personal collection. But, before doing so, there are several important key factors to take into consideration ensuring you get the best deal possible, including where to sell diamonds in the Atlanta area. At Elan Diamond Group, you’ll learn a few pointers on what you should know before selling your diamond.


Get an Appraisal

First, it’s imperative you know as much as possible about your diamond. If you do not have official documentation accompanied with the initial purchase of the diamond, getting an appraisal is a good place to start. Some appraisals will come with a cost, so do your research before taking your diamond into a jeweler or pawn shop. Getting more than one appraisal is also a good idea to ensure you’re getting the best value. Typically, jewelers will look at the following traits of a diamond when determining the value: the cut of the diamond, color, clarity, and finally, number of carats. Each trait will value your diamond accordingly. If you get an appraisal before selling, be sure and get all documentation in writing and bring it with you when you make your sale.

Know the Setting

If your diamond is included in a piece of jewelry rather than a loose diamond, you should know the specifics of the whole piece. For example, if you are selling a diamond ring, what is the setting? What kind of metal is used? Silver, gold, or platinum? Again, each kind of metal is valued differently and will affect the overall value when selling your diamond.

Find the Right Place

When looking for places to sell diamonds in the Atlanta area, you want to go to reputable and trusted jeweler. Being knowledgeable of your diamond prior to making a sale can make all the difference. Regardless of your reasons for selling your diamond, being proactive will ensure you get the best value.

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What Is the Best Way to Sell a Watch?

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When looking to sell an old, used, or inherited timepiece, you may look to places like eBay or other websites. However, while that process might be relatively quick and easy, it's not necessarily going to fetch you the fairest or best price for your watch. So, what is the best way to sell a watch? You can learn more by reading below.


Know What You Have

Finding a local appraiser should be fairly quick and painless. Yes, you can get a basic idea of common prices from looking at sites like Craigslist or eBay, but when it comes to luxury watches, people don't always know what they have. All too often people can be shortchanged by selling online. You can schedule a free consultation with a local seller, and the appraiser should be able to give you a far more accurate gauge of your watch's actual worth. Luxury watch dealers work in the business, so they have an excellent idea of what's currently happening on the market. Since the market can obviously fluctuate, they're in a great position to give the most accurate and reliable estimate for your timepiece.

Go Local

Gold buyers and other online dealers may sound like quick and easy ways to get cash, but they commonly only offer pennies on the dollar of what the item is actually worth. If you're looking to sell a Patek Philippe watch in Atlanta, or another luxury timepiece, you'll want someone who knows the value of that item. Additionally, a local seller may think of you as a potential future customer or be interested in other pieces that you have available to sell, and developing that relationship could lead to a wise and fruitful arrangement for both of you. Never underestimate the benefit of that reciprocity, nor the value of developing good working relationships with local luxury watch dealers. Even if you don't have anything else that you're looking to sell immediately, knowing that you have a trusted, professional dealer available, who knows you, can be an excellent place to start the next time that you're looking to part with a luxury watch. It's never a bad idea to start a good partnership, and you'll feel more confident in your future dealings.

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Things to Know Before You Buy a Watch

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One essential accessory for men is a quality watch. If you are purchasing your first expensive watch, there are a few things you should know before buying. The first thing you should decide is how much you’re willing to spend. You can still get a quality watch for under 300 dollars. But, if you want the highest quality watch, you will have to spend significantly more. No matter what you’re willing to spend, these tips can help you find the right watch for your budget.

Elan Diamond Group_ Things to Know Before You Buy a Watch_image1

Tips for Watch Buying

One of the first details you’ll want to consider is the material the watch is made with. Watch experts recommend steel grade of 316L or above, because this quality of steel does not rust. Additionally, you’ll want a watch that is made of solid metal rather than hollow. This ensures a watch with sturdier, solid links that will be unlikely to break.

Another important factor in watch quality is the movement of the hands. Thankfully you can find watches with high-quality movement even with a low budget. Watches with a “quartz movement” are commonly found in higher-priced watches, but are available in more affordable models.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider how the watch looks on your wrist and how it fits with your overall style. The proportion of the watch to your wrist is key. If you have a bigger wrist, you should consider a larger, sturdier watch face. Alternately, if you have a smaller wrist, consider purchasing a slimmer watch that doesn’t appear overly delicate.

All things considered, you should able to find a watch that can fit with almost any outfit. A minimalist watch won’t clash with your outfits and you won’t get tired of wearing it. A minimalist watch denotes a watch face that is easy to read, and not overly complicated with various timers and secondary hands.

Elan Diamond Group_ Things to Know Before You Buy a Watch_image2

Where to Buy and Sell Watches

When buying a watch, you should always check the reputation of both the dealer and company. Additionally, you should be extra careful when purchasing watches online by making sure to read reviews and testimonials.

If you’re considering selling your watch there are several places to sell luxury watches in Atlanta. Élan Diamond Group is the best place to buy and sell luxury watches in Atlanta. Élan Diamond Group accepts a wide variety of luxury watches including Rolex and Audemars Piguet. Élan Diamond Group has a particular interest in Audemars Piguet, a legendary watch that has been worn by both rappers and royalty. The Audemars Piguet brand is regarded as the height of high fashion and luxury quality in watchmaking, and has been around since 1875. If you’re looking to sell an Audemars Piguet in Atlanta, Élan Diamond Group should be your first choice because they will pay top dollar.

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 06:51

Getting the Best Price for Your Gold

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When it comes to selling your gold, knowing what you have and how to negotiate the best deal will help you get a fair price. Here are tips for selling jewelry, coins, or other gold items.

Gold Jewelry

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How to Determine the Value of Gold Jewelry

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Gold jewelry is an excellent investment and can be a valuable nest egg or security in times of future need. If you're planning on selling gold jewelry in Atlanta, make sure to know its current value before looking for a buyer and letting go of your trinket. Know how much to sell your gold for following the steps below. Doing this will guarantee that you’ll get a profitable exchange of cash for gold in the Atlanta area or wherever you are located.

Here are the steps to determine your gold jewelry’s value: 

Gold Jewelry

STEP 1: Get Your Jewelry Tested by a Licensed Individual or Laboratory

Lab reports authenticate your gold and establish its weight and purity. These factors are all vital in determining your precious metal’s current value and how much you can sell it for on the market. Additionally, getting a lab report will make selling your gold a lot easier to accomplish because buyers will always look for something to authenticate genuine gold. It may cost you a little, but you’ll get useful information about your jewelry. You’ll even know if your jewelry is fake.

The technician will use one or several ways to determine your gold's purity. Once you have the values, you're now ready for the next step.

 STEP 2: Know the Current Gold Price in Grams (or Any Other Unit of Measurement)

Gold’s current price can be determined by checking online or in banks. They usually have information about the prices of precious metals, including gold, since many people and even governments use gold as a hedge in times of economic volatility. If you're unsure of the current financial situation, you can convert some of your assets to gold to protect their value.

Troy ounce is gold's unit of measurement and its price per troy ounce can vary every second, minute, and hour. For example, the price is currently estimated at $1267/troy ounce. Converting a unit of troy ounce to grams, we get 31.10 grams/troy oz. Now, we can get the price of gold in grams today by dividing $1267/31.10 grams. The current price of gold expressed in the Metric System is $40.87/gram. Again, this value may change based on current global gold valuation.

Gold Jewelry

STEP 3: Multiply the Current Gold Price Per Gram to Your Jewelry’s Purity.

From the lab report, you’ll have an idea how much your jewelry weighs as well as the gold it contains (purity): 14K, 18K, 22K, etc. Multiply your gold jewelry’s purity to the current gold price per gram (the resulting value in step 2). For example, for a 10-gram, 14K ring, here is an appropriate example of computation:

Your jewelry’s value = Purity ÷ 24 K (considered pure gold) x Current gold price/gram

= 14K / 24K

= 0.5833 x $ 40.87/gram

= $23.84 per gram

In the example, if your old jewelry weighs 10 grams, multiply it by the current price per gram to know your jewelry’s price today.

In essence, if you're searching for where to sell gold in Atlanta, make sure to offer your 10 gram, 14K gold jewelry at a value no less than $238.40.

This computation is a simple way of determining the value of your jewelry if you're thinking of selling gold in Atlanta or elsewhere in exchange for cash. Don’t be too worried when disposing of your valuable trinkets. Make sure to refer to this computation for a simple way to estimate how much you should be selling your gold jewelry for.

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Determining the Value of Gold Jewelry

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Jewelry has a set value that’s determined not just by the whims of the distributor, but by an established series of qualifiers that distinguish between authentic materials and imitators, and use a wide set of guidelines. Whether you're looking to buy an engagement ring for your significant other or to sell your jewelry in Atlanta, here’s what you need to know.

Gold Jewelry

Counting Karats

People refer to karats when determining the value of gold, but how do you know how many karats a gold ring is? A karat marker should exist on your piece, which should be visible under a microscope. If this marker doesn’t appear to exist or is unreadable, the karat can be determined through chemical testing. This can be done by either using an acid test or what’s known as the Skey test. The acid test can cause discoloration and damage to the material if not administered properly, so it’s better to have it performed by an expert. They can also perform a Skey test using a specialized gold testing box and pen that uses a similar method to the acid test, where certain discolorations mean a distinct karat level.

Grams and More Grams

Weight is a key determining factor that can help you accurately estimate the value of your gold, whether it’s in earrings or in coins. A proper scale can let you know the gold’s weight, which you can use to very simply translate that weight value into monetary value. The particular karat of a gold piece and its weight can both help give you a more accurate value estimate of that gold piece.

Market Values

Gold is a highly valuable precious metal. This means that it's included in the world stock market, as it's used as a reinforcement for the value of currency. How the value of gold fluctuates on this global currency market has a direct impact on the face value of gold in shops and jewelry markets. Although this price fluctuates hourly just like the complex market does, generalizations about the value can still be derived from this market value that influences the value when you buy or sell gold jewelry.

Gold Jewelry

A Formula for Profits

There are several formulas you may have seen on how to calculate the value of your gold. In general, you can multiply the price per gram of the gold by the weight in grams, and that should give you a relatively accurate estimate as to the value price. However, one thing you cannot factor into these calculations is precious stones. Calculating the value of these items can be far more nuanced, and may require an expert jeweler’s eye to accurately give any determination of value. There aren’t any easy formulas for comparing a ruby encrusted ring to a set of diamond earrings.

If you're looking to sell your jewelry in Atlanta, these identifiers can help you get a clearer idea of what to expect whenever you're speaking with buyers. It can also give you a clear eye for when someone is trying to negotiate an unfair price out of you for your wares, ensuring that you’re never losing money whenever you’re trying to sell your jewelry for cash.

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4 Tips to Selling Jewelry Online

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With the growing amount of business now being conducted online, jewelry sales of all kinds have exploded onto the vast Internet marketplace. From homemade jewelry projects to large estate sales, and everything in between, selling jewelry online has opened up to nearly limitless potential.

 Jewelry Collection

Are looking to get cash for jewelry you no longer wear or like? Do you want to start a small business from hand-crafted pieces you create? Will you be organizing an estate sale with a large amount of expensive items? No matter the size, scope, or types of jewelry you're looking to sell, there are some basic universal tips that can help guide you to success and sales.  

  1. Find a Reputable Online Marketplace: The explosion of online jewelry sales means the influx of web sites and services to help. Unfortunately, it also means unscrupulous and ill-meaning sources out to take advantage of you. Read the reviews, talk to others in the business, and take your time to make the best decision for your needs and tastes.
  2. Know Your Audience: Buyers looking for hand-made bracelets won't be the same people looking for diamond earrings, and they shouldn't be marketed the same way.
  3. Show off Your Wares: Great photos and in-depth descriptions of your items can mean the difference between a sale or not. Make sure the pictures are presented in a clean, clear, and professional manner. Posting multiple pictures of different angles and views will make your items more attractive to prospective buyers.

The descriptions should be complete and accurate, with language that boosts the quality of the item. Describe the look, style, what the piece is made from, and any other historical or particular details you have available.

Be proud of what you're selling and let your buyers know why. Use this space as an opportunity to subtly promote other similar items and pieces you may have for sale.

Selling Online

Get the Word Out

There's an abundance of marketplace sites and resources when you're looking to sell used jewelry in the Atlanta area. Take your time to seek out the ones that best fit your specific needs. Use social media to reach the most people as possible. Social media sites are constantly upgrading the way they interface business marketing and sales. Keep up on the latest trends and join some discussion and support groups where you can keep up on the latest trends and hear stories from those who have already done what you're looking to do.

There have never been so many online options to sell your jewelry in Atlanta. The opportunities to make money are out there, but don't expect immediate success. The marketplace is thriving and the competition is fierce. Take your time, be patient, and most importantly, love what you're doing. Having a passion for the items you're selling and for the process will be obvious to your buyers, giving them confidence in you and giving you more sales.

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How to Find a Diamond Buyer

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Handling an estate sale can be challenging. Not only will you catalog and assess the inventory, but you'll also need to have everything appraised so that you actually know what everything is worth. All too often, estates are shortchanged, because people simply don't take the time to identify every item and get a proper appraisal. When it comes to jewelry, that's doubly important. Maybe cash for gold companies will advertise that they purchase diamonds, but they don't have a certified appraiser to make an educated determination of the diamond's value. That means you could be selling your jewelry for literally pennies on the dollar compared to its actual market value. So how you find a diamond buyer that can give you a fair deal? Keep reading to find out more.


Education First

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certifies people for diamond appraisal. In fact, the grading scale currently used in the diamond industry, including cut, color, and clarity, was established by the GIA. Their graduates are among the world’s most qualified for evaluating and appraising diamonds. Unfortunately, most companies that like to trade cash for jewelry don't have certified diamond appraisers on staff, so they're likely to offer you significantly less than the diamond is actually worth.

Do Your Homework

Review sites like Angie's List are good places to start. Since the reviewers are provided by actual customers, you're less likely to fall prey to internet marketing scams, faked reviews, or other cheats. You can also check the Jewelers Vigilance Committee to identify reputable buyers. Don't trust banner ads. Any company can advertise, but not every company is able to establish years of trust and professional relationships in the diamond industry. When in doubt, you should always opt for company with an excellent reputation and verified credentials.

For trustworthy and knowledgeable diamond buyers in Atlanta, you should always look for people with the expertise, training, and experience needed to make the best, most accurate assessment of your diamond's worth. There's no reason to get shortchanged, and you'll be far happier with the professionalism and honesty of recognized industry experts. If you want to get a fair deal, it's important to know what to look for and where to look.

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When you're feeling strapped for cash or if you have pieces that you do not want any more for whatever reason, selling fine jewelry in Atlanta can be a great way to make some extra money. If you are really planning to sell used jewelry, make sure you present yourself and your pieces well to get the best value out of it that you can. Here are some things to help you out.

Fine jewelry

Be Realistic about Pricing

Before you go in, make sure you know what you have and what it’s worth. Once you know what your piece is worth, you need to realize that your buyer is out to get a good deal as well. If you're selling to a pawn shop or a jeweler, you should understand going in that they need to make a profit reselling the piece and you are not likely to get its total value.

Consider the Different Buyers

There are a lot of different options for selling jewelry. For instance, you can sell it to a jeweler, a pawn shop, or a private buyer. Whatever you decide, be sure to weigh out all the pros and cons of each buyer type.

Wait Until You Are Ready

If you're planning to sell a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value attached to it, wait until you're emotionally ready to sell the piece. No matter how much you might be struggling financially, if your heart isn’t ready to let go of the jewelry yet, then you will likely second guess your decision later.

Prepare It for Sale

Finally, when you’re selling something, especially fine jewelry, make sure it looks good. You should have it professionally cleaned and polished. If you need to take photos, make sure the photos look as professional as possible.

Selling your used jewelry doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, it can be fun and ultimately very rewarding when you’re mindful of these best practices before you hit the jewelry store.

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How to Prepare for an Estate Jewelry Appraisal

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Do you have some estate jewelry that you want to have appraised or sold? Before you go to anyone that advertises "we buy used jewelry" in Atlanta, we suggest you take some time to learn what to expect from the process so you have the best experience possible.


Choosing an Appraiser

The most important thing when getting your jewelry appraised is that it should be an independent appraisal from someone who doesn’t have a stake in the value of your gems. That means that at the very least, you should not get your gems appraised by the people who sold them to you in the first place. When you're looking for an alternate appraiser, you should also be wary of pawnbrokers, since they often try to convince you to sell to them. Instead, look for fine jewelry buyers in Atlanta that have received a graduate gemologist degree.

Talking with the Appraiser

If you think you found an appraiser that suits you, meet with him to discuss how he does his business so you can decide whether this experience is right for you. First, ask him how he prices his services. If it varies based on the size of your gems, that’s a sign that he might be trying to take advantage of you, so at that point, you may want to walk away.

When you have a piece appraised, you should talk with the appraiser to find out how they reached the value that they did. A good appraiser will list his sources, such as current gold and silver prices, gemstone price lists, and auction prices or background on specific pieces where you can find it.

Staying Patient

If you come into the appraisal process eager for instant information, you may be disappointed. The estate jewelry buyers in Atlanta won’t just hold your jewelry under a magnifying glass and announce the price. Instead, they’ll spend a few hours getting to know your jewelry and doing some basic research. It shouldn’t take much longer unless they need to run any tests.

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