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Selling a used Rolex in Atlanta isn’t easy if you want a good deal, and it gets even harder if there’s any sort of damage or malfunction. In this case, you really need to work with the right jeweler to get a good price. The fact is some businesses buy so they can resell without having to invest any more money into the watch. This means many establishments will not want to deal with Rolex repairs. You can still sell to them if your Rolex contains precious metals, such as gold. However, keep in mind that because not everything in the Rolex is gold, it’ll be difficult to tell exactly how much gold your watch contains. To avoid any risk of loss, those jewelers will always give you a lower offer. If you want to make as much money as possible from your broken Rolex, the best thing to do is educate yourself on how to evaluate your own watch, and how to find trusted places that buy gold in Atlanta. 

Increasing the Value of Your Broken Rolex 

First and foremost, if you can prove the authenticity of the watch, the end appraisal value will be higher. The easiest way to do this is by providing the box and papers the watch originally came with. However, that’s not the only paperwork you should bring. Having past receipts with you will help because it gives jewelers a brief look at the history of your Rolex. This is a big concern when it comes to repairs, especially if the replacement parts weren’t from Rolex themselves. Proving that all parts are still Rolex-made, even if some are broken, will yield a higher appraisal value. Some buyers refuse to deal with watches that have non-Rolex parts in them.

Finding the Right Jeweler 

Just because they offer great customer service doesn’t mean they’re giving you a good deal. In fact, some unfair jewelers use a soft approach to disarm uneducated customers. After they let their guard down, those customers are then taken advantage of. The worst part is, if they never know they’re getting a bad deal, they just keep coming back.

If you’re unsure whether you can trust your jeweler or not, use a simple item to test them. While Rolex watches are hard to appraise by yourself, simple gold jewelry items are easy. Find something gold in your home, a ring or bracelet will do, just make sure they don’t have any precious stones in them. Find the karat stamp on your item, it’ll either be between 10-24K or a three-digit number, such as 585. A quick online search will tell you what the stamp means. Next, weigh your item. After you have the karat and weight, simply look up the current gold price online and multiply the weight times that number. This will give you the current value of your gold jewelry based on weight.


Now, go to a jeweler and see what price they give you. Most Atlanta gold buyers will offer between 70-90 percent of the value you got from your own appraisal, so if the offer is lower than that, they’re trying to lowball you.

Looking at Reviews 

If you don’t have the gold, time, or patience to filter out honest jewelers yourself, then using online reviews is your best bet. Since people are much more likely to comment on a bad experience, it’s harder for dishonest jewelers to stay off the radar. Companies who have been around for a while, such as Elan Diamond Group, put a lot of value in their reputation, which means avoiding bad reviews. In that sense, older places that buy gold in Atlanta are usually more trustworthy.

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