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If you’re an owner or collector of Rolex watches, you don’t need anyone to tell you how special they are. Made of unrivaled design and quality, Rolex watches are among the few watches in the world that are able to retain most of their value, and in some cases, surpass it over time. That’s why it’s so common for Rolex owners to search for places to sell luxury watches in Atlanta. Selling your Rolex is a great way to make extra cash or put money towards buying a new Rolex. If selling your Rolex sounds appealing to you, the first thing you’ll need to know is what it’s worth. Here are some ways to determine the value of your old Rolex.

Selling a Current Model Rolex

If you’re interested in selling a relatively new model Rolex that’s still in production, then it’s relatively easy to discover its value. While Rolex is remarkable in its ability to retain its resale value, you can expect some drop off in price for a used Rolex that isn’t a collector’s item. Check the internet to see what your Rolex is currently selling for, and that will give you a realistic range as to what it’s worth. From here, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to sell it.

Rolex Valuation Factors

For older watches, there are several factors that Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta will use to determine its value.
• Bracelet Condition – Does the bracelet sag? Does the clasp work?
• Scratches – Small scratches on the metal can be polished out, but deep gouges can impact the resale price.
• Glass – Are there noticeable scratches on the glass? If so, it might have to be replaced.
• Bezel – A Rolex’s ceramic bezel is difficult to damage, but if it’s tarnished, it can be very expensive to replace.
• Its Operation – Is the watch’s engine working correctly? Is it accurate?
Whatever the baseline number of your Rolex’s valuation, you can expect it to decrease if costly repairs are necessary.

Important Papers

Buyers prefer watches with papers in hand. You can expect the price of your Rolex to suffer if you lack the box it came with and/or its papers. Newer watches, in particular, need their warranty card to remain covered by the 5-year warranty. If this is missing, the warranty is invalid, and buyers will take note of this when making an offer.


Much like a car, a Rolex endures its greatest depreciation the instant it’s purchased and is no longer “new.” Once it’s a “used” Rolex, however, its value will remain relatively stable. Conversely, sometimes an old Rolex will see its price increase over time after that initial devaluation, so further research is needed to discover how much a particular model is in demand.

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