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If you sell luxury watches in Atlanta, you know that Rolex watches are always in demand. Obviously, Rolex is known for crafting watches of exceptional quality and remarkable luxury, but many people also believe they’re extremely expensive. It may surprise you to learn that Rolex actually offers watches at a number of different price points.

For $3,000 to $5,000

This is the entry level for Rolex watches, and so it makes sense to start with the basic building block that many other Rolex models are built upon. The Oyster Perpetual is a classic Rolex watch that’s paired down to its most basic essentials. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it’s still a handsomely designed dress watch. The Oyster Perpetual is simple enough to be an everyday item, yet holds enough classic charm and timeless appeal to earn a place in any collection. The Oyster Perpetual 36 generally sales for anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000. The larger model is the Oyster Perpetual 39, and you can usually find it available at under $5,000.

The Oyster Perpetual isn’t the only model in this range. The two-tone Air-King or the stainless steel version will typically be found for around $3,500. It’s stylish, but relatively straightforward. It features a time-only dial. The bracelet comes in either Oyster or Jubilee. Much like the Oyster Perpetual, it’s great for daily wear. The Rolex Date is a step up. As indicated by its name, it displays both time and date on its dial. You can choose the yellow gold or two-stone stainless steel. Although the price will vary depending upon its age and condition, you should be able to get a Rolex Date in stainless steel for under $4,000. If you prefer the yellow gold, you’re looking at anywhere from $3,500 to below $5,000.

For $25,000 or More

At this price point, there’s virtually no Rolex watch that you won’t be able to purchase. Of course, Rolex dress watches range from $3,000 and up, so there’s really no need to spend 5 digits unless you really have your heart set on a particular item. There are plenty of Rolex watches that are available for less. If you’re selling watches for cash in Atlanta, you already know that Rolex is always a name to keep in mind. Speak with the experts at Elan Diamond Group if you want to learn more.