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Looking for the finest watch brands? We’ve compiled a list of our top luxury watches, including Rolex watches, that we think you should know about.


IWC (International Watch Company) is the first of several Swiss watch companies on our list that are a part of the Swiss watch industry—an affiliation of luxury watchmakers that are the height of the watch selling industry throughout the world. IWC is the only brand on our list to be started by an American, who wanted to combine U.S. modern technology with Swiss craftsmanship.


Panerai, or Officine Panerai, is the whole package. This Italian watch company started in Florence in 1860 and has since transitioned to being manufactured in Switzerland with the big dogs. These watches earned some of their fame in WWII by assisting the frogmen of the Decima Flottiglia MAS.


Omega, based out of Bienne, Switzerland, makes it on our list for being the official timekeeper of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games and for being the official timekeeper for Britain’s Royal Flying Corps in 1917. Clearly this brand has longevity in its tradition of excellence.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is a more diverse company whose merchandise includes luxury watches. They rank second on our list for the influence of their brand name, which is affiliated with the company Louis Vuitton, and for their ceaseless quality.


Rolex is unquestionably the height of the luxury watch market. When someone is asking about luxury watch brands, the question is automatically, “Is that a Rolex?” The Rolex name is practically synonymous with the idea of luxury watches. This linguistic monopoly alone is proof that their brand is king. Rolex is considered by Forbes Magazine to be in the top 50 of the world’s most powerful global brands for a reason.

We hope that our list was helpful to you! If you’re looking to sell fine Rolex watches, or are looking to buy luxury watches, either way you are dealing in a valuable commodity.