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Are you wearing a fortune on your wrist? Your watch could be worth more than you think. Whether you have a vintage, antique, or old watch, it’s still valuable. Before you try to sell it though, it’s important that you understand exactly where to go to sell it and what to do in order to collect top dollar. From cleaning to appraisals, here’s what you need to know about selling luxury watches for cash in Atlanta.

Discover the History of Your Watch

What’s the story behind your watch? The richer its history, the more it may be worth. If you don’t know where your watch came from, don’t worry — the internet can help. By plugging in the details of your watch, including the brand and any serial numbers, you can discover when it was made and what it’s worth. Take a look at a few different auction sites to get a feel for what others are selling the same watch for. This gives you an idea of how valuable your watch is.

Clean It Up

Your watch will sell much easier if it’s been properly cleaned and cared for. Before you try to sell your watch, swap out the batteries for some fresh ones. Then, gently clean the face and links with a soft rag and appropriate jewelry cleaner. Use cotton swabs, if needed, to get into the creases. The cleaner that your timepiece is, the better it will show to prospective buyers.

Have It Appraised

Once your watch is all shined up, it’s time to get it appraised. This is an essential part of the watch-selling process. An appraisal lets you know exactly what the piece is worth. It gives you negotiating power when working with buyers. Find a professional appraiser to work with you. Your appraisal should include a certificate explaining the value of your watch. Safeguard this certificate, as it will play an important role in the selling process.

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Choose the Right Buyer

Even with an appraisal, it’s important to shop around before selecting a buyer. Not all buyers will offer you the same amount for your watch. Choose a buyer who specializes in the purchase of watches. These professionals will appreciate your timepiece more and are more likely to offer you a fair price. If needed, present your appraisal certificate to the prospective buyer before selling. This could give you more room to barter.

Selling your watch is a great way to put a little bit of extra cash in your pocket or save up for your next timepiece. If you’re looking for premium Atlanta luxury watch buyers, look no further than the experts at Elan Diamond Group. We make it easy to trade your watch in for cash. Visit our website to begin the selling process today!