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If you’ve ever had the luxury of owning a Rolex watch, you probably already understand the world’s collective fascination with the brand. These watches hold a rich history that reflects more than just the ability to tell time.

In the early 1900s, German watchmakers Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf proved to be exceptional in their craft with their W&D branded pocket watches. When World War I began, they were forced to make an important decision that would eventually build the foundation for the best wristwatch brand in the world. They moved their operation to Switzerland and registered the name Rolex as their official brand name. As time went on, Rolex boasted its ability to consistently reinvent the wristwatch. In 1910, it became the first wristwatch company to earn a chronometer certification. From that moment on, Rolex designed some of the most incredible watches that collectors have sought for decades.

The Rolex Oyster

When we currently think of waterproof watches, we may think of fairly recent designs and technology that allow people to dunk their watch underwater without severely damaging the piece. However, Rolex actually created the first waterproof watch in 1926 and named it the Rolex Oyster. This masterpiece has evolved into a collection of waterproof wristwatches that can handle depths up to 100 meters underwater. This piece was first exposed to the public when Mercedes Gleitz, a professional British swimmer, wore it around her neck when she swam across the English Channel. Since the Rolex Oyster could function properly under conditions with lower oxygen levels, it also became popular among mountain climbers.

The Rolex GMT Master

By 1954, the Rolex brand had made a name for itself and began attracting everyone from collectors to fashion designers and extreme sports lovers. The next major design for the company was the Rolex GMT Master. This wristwatch was unique because of its ability to keep dual-time. This characteristic made this piece especially popular among flight crews who needed to know exact times in multiple locations.


The Rolex Daytona

Rolex has always been famous for targeting certain occupations or recreational feats that put timekeepers in distinct positions, much like the previously mentioned deep sea divers and mountain climbers. By 1963, Rolex became the official watch for race car drivers, hence the Rolex Daytona. A version of this collection, the Cosmograph Reference 6239, contained a sizable tachymeter scale on the bezel, which proved to be consistent with the needs of the drivers.

The Rolex Space-Dweller

In the same year that the Rolex company rolled out their Daytona 500-focused pieces, they also released their Rolex Space-Dweller. While this design never gained the same attention of previous pieces like the Oyster, it proved to be a collectible for hikers, explorers, and other adrenaline junkies that needed a wristwatch that could handle the elements. Even though this model wasn’t as popular, it can still be sold today to Rolex buyers in Atlanta for a small fortune.

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