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Purchasing a luxury watch is more than just a fashion statement, it’s an investment. When it comes time to sell your watch, it’s important to remember that. Though it may seem easier to try to sell your watch on an online marketplace or auction website, it’s often not the best choice, simply because your product is so valuable. To get the best price for your item, you should sell luxury watches in Atlanta at a jewelry store or auction house. No matter how you decide to sell your luxury watch, however, there are a few essential tips to keep in mind. Read on to learn how to get the most for your watch regardless of where you sell.

Make Sure You Have the Box and Papers

In order to prove the authenticity of your luxury watch, you will need to provide the box and papers that you received when you originally purchased the item. By having the original documents, you can put potential buyers at ease by guaranteeing that your item is authentic and not a knock-off. You may even be able to charge more for your watch, too!

Include the Model Number

Without the model or reference number, potential buyers won’t be able to find out the important facts that they need to know in order to make an informed decision. The model number lets them know when the watch was made, how valuable it is, and more. If you cannot provide the model number, buyers will likely move on to the next listing. That said, avoid revealing the whole serial number. The serial number is unique to your watch and can help to prove its authenticity. However, if you list it, people making replica watches may steal it and use it as the model for their knock-offs, which would make it harder to prove that yours is authentic. Instead, only list the first few digits of the serial number and replace the rest with x’s.

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Watch Out for Hidden Costs at Auction Houses

Many people believe that going to an auction house is the only way to sell their high-end watch, but this could not be further from the truth. Though it may seem simple, there are many hidden fees that come with this method of selling. To sell your watch at an auction, you’ll need to pay a buyer’s commission and a seller’s commission, along with the cost of insurance, photography, and shipping. All of these fees start to add up and can negate many of the benefits of this selling method. To avoid this, it’s best to sell your luxury watch at a local jewelry store.

Take High-Quality Photos

If you are selling your watch online, this is perhaps the most important tip that you must use. Photos are the only way potential buyers will be able to see the product before buying, so make sure you showcase as many details as possible. Take photos from every angle you can and include close-ups of imperfections if there are any. Being honest about the condition of your watch will help you to make the sale and prevent an unhappy customer from returning the product later on.

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