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Whether you’re a collector or someone who has a lot of unused jewelry or coins lying around, finding a jeweler who knows precious metals and gems and who you can deal with whenever you have a related issue can be the beginning of a productive business relationship. Here are more tips for being smart about dealing with Atlanta gold selling.

Find Out Special Qualities

You will get the most out of selling gold jewelry near Atlanta if you know the quality of the metal and any special attributes that would make the piece worth more. If your piece shows evidence of a recognized jewelry designer, manufacturer, or limited-edition stamp, this may make it worth more than the sum of its parts. These special qualities will raise the value of your gold substantially.

Look for the Purity

Most people know that 24-carat gold is the most pure and valuable type of this precious and beautiful metal. A karat is a twenty-fourth part of pure gold by weight, so 24-karat gold has almost no impurities. Most jewelry and coins are considerably less pure and won’t fetch the same asking price, as they won’t be as rare or able to be melted into as important base material. Looking for the markings that can tell you the purity of your gold will give you an initial idea of what it’s worth and how much you can expect to receive in exchange.

Meet with a Jeweler You Can Trust

It’s always better to do business with someone you have an established relationship with and trust. Finding a jeweler who can buy and sell gold pieces that you don’t want anymore can be the beginning of a great business relationship. When you find someone as trustworthy and upstanding as we are, you won’t need to look for where to sell gold in Atlantain the future. We hope that customers will keep coming to us again and again.