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It’s no secret that you can occasionally discover great finds at your local pawn shops. You may find a great used guitar, classic old records, or a fantastic big-screen TV at a fraction of retail price. You can also find old jewelry. Although selling your gold jewelry to a pawn shop may not be your first choice, it is a viable option. There are many gold buyers in Atlanta, and your local pawn shops are certainly included in that number.


Probably the biggest perk of working with your local pawn shop is the deals or overall flexibility available. Pawn shops can offer you loans, and you can get your jewelry back at a later date if you didn’t really want to part with it permanently. This isn’t something jewelry stores or other gold buyers typically do. Once you’ve sold the jewelry, it’ll get melted down or re-sold instead.

Gold is heavily traded, and there’s always a market for gold. This is why it’s so easy to get a deal on gold jewelry almost anywhere. However, it is worth considering the pawn shop’s reputation and inventory. Not all pawn shops trade extensively in jewelry. It depends on their local demands and customer base. Selling gold jewelry can fetch a wide range of prices. It’s worth considering how interested a particular pawn shop is in jewelry before you sell your jewelry. Another pawn shop or a local jewelry store could potentially give you a better offer.


Many sellers look for what’s most convenient. If you worked with your local pawn shop before and you’re comfortable with their staff, it could simply be the easiest and most convenient option. This is perfectly understandable, but it doesn’t guarantee the best payment for your jewelry.

Doing a little bit of research could lead you in a better direction. There are many reputable gold buyers online and locally in the Atlanta area. Some of them specialize in gold and other jewelry. The quickest and easiest choice isn’t always the most profitable.


Whether you sell your gold jewelry to a pawn shop or not, this is a key step in the process. Always get your jewelry appraised before you sell it. If you already have the original appraisal, this may not be needed. If it’s a piece you inherited or someone else purchased, the appraisal is vital. Additionally, you should clean the jewelry before you sell it. Dingy jewelry is frequently undervalued. You can find guides online and clean the jewelry yourself, or you can have a local jeweler clean the piece for you. The cost usually isn’t high.

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In the end, all jewelry sellers are primarily concerned about the price they’ll get for their gold jewelry. Usually, this comes down to the karats and weight of the gold. However, precious and semi-precious stones can increase the value as well. This is why an appraisal is necessary. You can’t always go strictly by the karats and weight.

The benefit is that this means pawn shops and jewelry stores are using the same measurements when it comes to evaluating the piece. Prices from one pawn shop to another or one jewelry store to another shouldn’t vary greatly. However, there’s no harm in shopping around and getting multiple offers.

When you sell gold in Atlanta, the reputation and credentials of the buyer are the biggest issues. This is true whether you’re working with a pawn shop, jewelry store, or any other gold buyer. Contact Elan Diamond Group at 404-480-8818 if you have any questions or would like an appraisal.