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Whether it’s a hand-me-down dragon brooch from your great aunt or an “I don’t want to marry you anymore” engagement ring, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your jewelry. Selling jewelry in Atlanta can be a stressful time, whatever the reason. The options for where to sell your valuables are endless, with many shady businesses trying to undercut the price. Finding a trustworthy place is so important if you want to be treated well and get the highest possible price for the jewelry you want to sell.

To begin with, you’ll want to look at reviews, something to help you weed out the obviously shady businesses that want to get their hands on your goods. You’re in luck where this is concerned, because the internet is now chock full of opinions and sites that support those opinions. Go to any number of sites and find the most popular place with the best reviews.

After that, shop around a bit. A lot of stores offer free quotes online. You might even be able to call and talk to a real person. If all else fails, take it into more than one store. It’s easy to take the money when the first place starts waving it in your face, but that just might not be the best offer. Allow yourself the opportunity to turn down an amount that you think is less than fair. Wait until the moment is right.

Selling jewelry can be as painful or as painless as you want it to be. Pawn shops are the way of the past. Go to a reputable jewelry dealer who might have some idea as to what they’re actually looking at. If you don’t, you could be getting a bad deal on some of your most prized possessions. Take the time to find the best place for you and who will offer the best price.