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Rolex has long been the go-to company for luxury watch buyers. While you may have already decided that you desire a Rolex watch, you may still question the type of watch that you wish to buy. Two of the most popular sport watches the company offers are the Submariner and the GMT-Master II. These two watches have certain similarities but are also quite different. Understanding these differences will allow you to determine the right watch for you. Here is some more information on the Submariner and GMT-Master II watches by Rolex.


The case in which these two watches are held is very similar. They both feature 40 millimeters in diameter with a ceramic or Cerachrom bezel insert. Debuting in 2007, the case features 904L stainless steel and is sometimes referred to as a “super case.” The GMT was the first watch to feature this type of case and the Submariner launched a year later with a similar one. These two cases are very similar so they may look the exact same at first glance. However, there are some small differences that may be noticed upon closer inspection.


As with most watches, the buckle is an essential aspect as it attaches the watch to your wrist. Both of these watches are fitted with the Oyster bracelet, a popular style among modern sports watches. While both watches feature a folding Oysterlock safety clasp on the bracelet, the extensions differ. The Submariner features a Gildelock extension system while the GMT-Master II features an Easylink 5 millimeter comfort extension. These two extensions can expand or contract the bracelet depending on your preference. The main difference between these two styles is that the Gildelock system can expand up to 20 millimeters while the Easylink can expand up to 5 millimeters.


Looking at these two watches, they appear to be nearly identical. Both feature a second hand, minute hand, and hour hand, as well as the same design on the face. However, there is one major difference when it comes to the hands. The shape and styles of the watches are very similar but the GMT-Master II has an extra hour hand, tipped with a triangular arrow. This allows the user to view the time as a 12-hour watch or a 24-hour watch. Additionally, the 12-hour hand can be adjusted when changing time zones without affecting the 24-hour hand. This is an ideal feature for a frequent traveler.


In addition to markings on the face of the watch, the bezel includes numbers so that you can easily determine the hour. While both of these watches have bezels with numbers, they differ because the GMT-Master II is a 24-hour watch. The Submariner bezel is marked in five-minute increments, with a number appearing every ten minutes. The GMT-Master II, on the other hand, is marked in 24-hour increments with numbers appearing on the even hours.


Both of these watches feature dial colors, bringing some personality to the watch. The colors available depend on the watch and the material used in construction. For the Submariner, the color depends on the type of metal used. As there are a variety of metals that can be used, there are a variety of colors that can light up the dial. The GMT-Master II features two-tone color schemes. The steel watch offers a black and blue Batman scheme. The white gold watch offers a red and blue Pepsi scheme. You can also receive the watch in all black with any metal.

Two of the most popular sports watches made by Rolex are the Submariner and GMT-Master II. Debuting a year apart, they are very similar, but there are some subtle differences. Knowing the intricacies of these watches will allow you to determine which one is right for you. Contact the Elan Diamond Group if you’re looking to buy or sell your Rolex in Atlanta.