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Among the most respected names in fine jewelry, especially watches, is Rolex. The name alone brings to mind a quality timepiece, crafted with care, engineered for precision, and styled with ageless beauty in mind. 

If you’re interested in buying a Rolex watch, you may consider either a new or vintage, resale timepiece. Here is a guide to buying new vs. vintage Rolex watches. If you’re thinking, “I want to sell my Rolex,” then review this guide to learn about how in-demand vintage watches can be and the value your watch may hold.

The Rolex Brand

If you want to buy a Rolex watch, you might consider visiting a Rolex store or shopping online for a new timepiece.

However, some options may not be available to you anymore. Take the adventurous 1960s or 1970s designs, vintage products that you’d be hard-pressed to find unless you shopped for a used watch. Those who own these vintage products would be fortunate should they sell their watch, because there are buyers out there hunting for vintage designs that are difficult to find nowadays.

This bodes well for the seller, but this means that buyers may end up paying similar prices for vintage watches as they would for brand-new ones.

Vintage Flaws

Vintage Rolexes may have scratches or other small flaws, and they may need services; however, they’ll still retain their value well. Even if your Rolex was given to you as an heirloom and shows obvious signs of wear, it may still have a very high cash value. Don’t be dismayed if your vintage Rolex shows slight discoloring or cracked paint, as these flaws can be fixed. Even a flawed vintage Rolex is still highly sought-after and will still fetch you a high selling price, especially if it still has original crystal detailing, and other precious metals.

As long as it’s in good working order, and is still functional as a watch, it has value. This is part of the reason that people seek out vintage Rolexes. As long as they work and are in wearable condition, they’re an impressive timepiece.

Take for instance Rolex GMT-Master, Reference 1675 or 6542. These Rolexes actually age well, as a nice patina will form on the dial, and the markers and hands may slightly discolor, but handsomely so. If you’re interested in buying a Rolex and don’t care for vintage flaws, then a perfectly factory fresh new Rolex is for you.



Most Rolexes aren’t exclusive, as they produce each model at a high capacity. Sure, they may not be rare, but vintage Rolexes can still be more difficult to come by. It’s the price that makes Rolexes exclusive. If you’re fortunate enough to have inherited a Rolex, it’s good to know that the demand will remain high, and there are buyers out there willing to pay top dollar for your watch. As a buyer, this means that you can find virtually any Rolex model, old or new, from a vintage Sea-Dweller to the GMT-Master II models.

Buying and Selling Smart

However, as with selling a Rolex, you should be careful where you buy. For guaranteed quality and value, seek out a professional jewelry buyer who has experience with high-end jewelry like Rolexes.

So who buys Rolex watches? Elan Diamond Group is your go-to buyer if you want to get cash for your Rolex watch. If you’re wondering, “Why should I sell my Rolex in Atlanta?” remember what this helpful guide covered. There is a high demand for Rolexes because they retain their value well, and buyers like Elan Diamond Group will give you an excellent price for your timepiece, as well as other fine jewelry you’d like to trade in for cash.