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Many people prize colored diamonds, including pink and yellow jewels. There have been many instances of celebrities and royalty wearing colored diamonds that have driven a demand for these special gems. But did you know that clearer diamonds may actually sell better? Read on for some fascinating details about diamond color.

Colors Are Common

Colored diamonds aren’t exactly rare. A small impurity can color a diamond red, blue, pink, or even green. Radiation and the presence of elements, such as boron, can imbue them with color.


Diamonds without color are actually more valuable. That’s because true diamonds are translucent, pure, and unaffected by any other conditions.

Color Ratings

Diamonds are graded on a clarity scale from D to Z. D has no presence of color, even under close investigation, while Z has full color and some opacity.

Buyer’s Choice

At the same time, colored diamonds are beautiful and can be appreciated–especially what are known as “fancy colored” diamonds. But they may fetch you a lower sale price than a clear diamond would.

A Trained Eye

The best way to gauge the value of your diamond, whether it has color or not, is to take it to a professional buyer for an appraisal and color valuation.

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