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Whether it’s in the form of jewelry or coins, there’s no doubt about it—silver is stunning. While gold is often considered the most valuable of the metallics, silver shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s played a historical role in many religions, cultures, and wars. Silver has been used in so many different industries. From dentistry to flatware, there’s a reason why silver should be highly regarded. So, the next time you start looking for places that buy gold in Atlanta, perhaps you should also consider the value that silver has, too. Take a look at a few of these little-known facts about silver and discover why it’s becoming increasingly popular to buy, sell, and trade.

The History of Silver

Did you know that silver was the very first metal to be used as currency? Before copper and gold, silver coins were the medium of choice. Historical records claim that silver was used more than 4,000 yeas ago as the first money system. In fact, in Egypt, it was valued higher than gold. It was considered more precious and rare than any other metal or stone at the time. Now, silver is still used frequently. The Olympic gold medal, for example, is made of sterling silver, which is then plated in gold.

What’s In a Name?

Where did silver get it’s name? The word “silver” comes from an old English Anglo-Saxon word “seolfor.” Over time, the spelling and pronunciation was simplified. The meaning has always been the same, though. “Silver” is the word for “money” in more than 14 different languages. English, French, Thai, Swahili, and Welch are just a few that still use the word commonly.

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The Production of Silver

The first silver dollar U.S. coin was minted in 1794. Silver production continued until 1904, when there was an abundance of coins on the market. Silver mining began to slow down and production was completely halted until 1921. Since then, production has continued at a slow and steady pace. Currently, the global silver reserves contain around 530,000 tons of silver. This equals three times more than the global gold reserves. The biggest producer of silver is Mexico and the largest purchaser is currently the United States of America.

The Importance of Silver

Silver is more than just a pretty metal. While it is shiny and beautiful, it’s also functional. Silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity. Without it, transporting electricity would be extremely difficult. For that reason alone, silver should be regarded as one of the most valuable elements on the planet.

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