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In a society where cash, cryptocurrency, and digital money are the most popular payment mechanisms, gold seems terribly out of place. Or, does it?

Gold’s tangibility means it retains its value in the midst of economic instability. Back in 2005, gold was selling for around $500 an ounce. In 2011, that price was approximately $1,800. Today, it rounds up to just about $1,400. Unlike currency, it’s also universally valuable, which means it can maintain long-term price potential. Fun fact: it’s almost never expended. All the gold ever mined still exists in some form.

There are many ways to invest in or buy gold in Atlanta. You can do this through exchange-traded funds (ETF), gold mining, and buying the physical product for exaggeration. Likewise, selling gold jewelry for an immediate profit is an option.

Are you interested in investing and receiving cash for gold? Are you trying to decide whether or not to sell your gold jewelry in Atlanta? Here’s why gold is a worthwhile investment.

Strong Demand

The market has really shined for the past few years, especially in Atlanta, where gold is a hot commodity. This is due, in large part, to the jewelry industry. Gold jewelry accounts for more than 50 percent of gold demand across the globe. India, China, and the US are amongst its biggest consumers.


Diversification is a strategy investors use to reduce risk by allocating investments among different financial industries, instruments, and other categories. It’s a brilliant technique to maximize returns, and it’ll give you a backup plan should something happen to your other investments. This reduces the risk and increases your returns, which makes it very profitable.

Gold jewelry


Since almost all major currencies have depreciated in overall value compared to gold, unstable markets are forcing investors to retreat to gold, as it’s known as a safe-haven investment. Gold and precious metals aren’t affected by inflation, making them one of the safest investments. Gold offers safety in times of economic insecurity and political disorder. If the dollar hits an all-time low, you’ll be glad you invested in this precious metal. Gold stocks are easy to trade and buy, and they provide you a nest egg in times of financial crisis.

Having a physical presence gives gold an automatic leg up in the asset security department. When you can touch and see something, it’s much easier to perceive it as a safe investment option. Digital assets are prone to hacking or loss, with only internet security as a protective measure. There’s a higher level of anonymity for an online thief than a typical burglar who has to physically steal from you. Even if the statistical safety is the same in either case, the perception is that tangible assets are more secure. After all, if technology were to completely collapse, you’d still be able to access and utilize your gold as currency.

As a unique asset, gold is a wise long-term investment strategy. It has a constant, reliable demand, offers no liability, and carries no counterparty risk. It also helps diversify your investment portfolio, which ensures profitability in the future. And, you can hold it in your hand if you want to. If you’re interested in investing in or profiting from this precious metal, especially gold jewelry, there are many companies who will work extensively with you to buy or sell your gold jewelry in Atlanta, including Elan Diamond Group. Call us today at 404-445-3693!