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Now is a great time to sell diamonds. If you have unwanted loose diamonds or diamond jewelry that you’d like to convert to cash, following a few simple tips can help you get a good price.

First, know your diamond. If your diamonds are of significant value, spend some money to have them graded by the Gemological Institute of America to get accurate measures of cut, clarity, weight, and color, and then have them appraised by a reputable appraiser. If money is an issue or if you suspect the diamond is worth less than $2,000, you can get a good idea of its value from free appraisals done by professional diamond buyers or even pawn brokers. Get several opinions to establish a solid range.

Second, set a price. You’ve got several good options when it comes to pricing your gems. The industry compiles diamond pricing reports, such as the Rapaport Report, that you can use to get an idea of the wholesale value of your diamonds. You can also talk to your appraisers; these professionals are in touch with the diamond market and can help you understand the resale value of your gems. You can also do your own research by examining completed sales online and shopping for new, similar diamonds. Most importantly, be realistic. The only reason people buy used diamond jewelry is to get a good deal or so they can turn it around to make a profit. Price your pieces with that truth clearly in mind.

Third, find a buyer. Ask around. You may have family and friends who are interested in your diamonds. You’ll get a reasonable price and know that your diamonds are with someone who is likely to appreciate their sentimental value. Sell at auction or via online sites. Retail diamond prices are high; buyers looking for fair prices search these sites regularly for beautiful, reasonably-priced diamonds. Or, sell to a reputable dealer like Elan Diamond Group.

Elan Diamond Group has expert appraisers who are anxious to pay top dollar for your unwanted diamonds. Whether you’re selling loose diamonds, diamond earrings, estate rings, or bridal sets, our appraisers will give you a fair appraisal and offer you a fair price. Set up an appointment today for a no-pressure, professional diamond appraisal. You can leave our Buckhead location with cash in hand. Schedule your appointment online or by calling us at 404-800-7182 today.