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Do you have some estate jewelry that you want to have appraised or sold? Before you go to anyone that advertises “we buy used jewelry” in Atlanta, we suggest you take some time to learn what to expect from the process so you have the best experience possible.

Choosing an Appraiser

The most important thing when getting your jewelry appraised is that it should be an independent appraisal from someone who doesn’t have a stake in the value of your gems. That means that at the very least, you should not get your gems appraised by the people who sold them to you in the first place. When you’re looking for an alternate appraiser, you should also be wary of pawnbrokers, since they often try to convince you to sell to them. Instead, look for fine jewelry buyers in Atlanta that have received a graduate gemologist degree.

Talking with the Appraiser

If you think you found an appraiser that suits you, meet with him to discuss how he does his business so you can decide whether this experience is right for you. First, ask him how he prices his services. If it varies based on the size of your gems, that’s a sign that he might be trying to take advantage of you, so at that point, you may want to walk away.

When you have a piece appraised, you should talk with the appraiser to find out how they reached the value that they did. A good appraiser will list his sources, such as current gold and silver prices, gemstone price lists, and auction prices or background on specific pieces where you can find it.

Staying Patient

If you come into the appraisal process eager for instant information, you may be disappointed. The estate jewelry buyers in Atlanta won’t just hold your jewelry under a magnifying glass and announce the price. Instead, they’ll spend a few hours getting to know your jewelry and doing some basic research. It shouldn’t take much longer unless they need to run any tests.