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Melee diamonds are often referred to as “diamond chips” by the general public, but you won’t hear professional diamond buyers in atlanta using that term! Melee diamonds are any gems under .18 carats, and because of their small size, professionals often sell and buy these tiny diamonds in parcels and lots. It’s uncommon to see melee used as a centerpiece in a ring, necklace, or bracelet, but these stunners can add decorative detail, sparkle, and the wow-factor to just about any gemstone setting.

So, who buys melee and why? And where can you find the best melee?

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Obviously, jewelers are prime customers for buying melee, because they can use the stones to enhance just about any jewelry piece. Many jewelers will buy melee in parcels or lots from professional sellers, but they’ll also purchase melee from individuals unloading estate jewelry or someone looking to sell their old jewelry to pay bills or make ends meet.

However, like gold and silver, now many investors are purchasing loose stones, like diamonds or even melee, to round out their investment portfolios.

The bottom line is melee are valuable gemstones, so if you’re looking to buy or sell melee diamonds in Atlanta, recognize that though small, they have real value to a variety of sellers and buyers.

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So, if you’re in the market to purchase melee, what can you do to find the best possible melee for the best price?

First, use a trusted jeweler. The value of the melee–like all diamonds–is determined in part by weight. When you’re talking diamonds as small as .001 carats to .18 carats, every hundredth of a carat counts. If you’re looking for individual melee to design or craft a custom-made ring or showpiece, a trusted jeweler can assist you in finding just the right size and shape melee to work with the design you have in mind.

If you’re buying melee as an investment, you will probably be buying in parcels or lots. Available parcels or lots will be graded, weighed, and priced accordingly. In the diamond business, grading diamonds and melee is considered an art form, so you’ll need the services of a jeweler to assist in your diamond-buying task. Prices can vary dramatically, but you’ll want a trusted and experienced jeweler on your side to keep you from overpaying. Your best bet is dealing with an experienced jeweler who can offer you an accurate value of the melee you’re considering.

Melee Diamonds

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If you have fine jewelry you rarely wear taking up space in your jewelry box, chances are good that it contains melee. Though many people consider selling their fine jewelry to pawn shops, this isn’t recommended. Pawn shop owners typically aren’t jewelry experts, and they may overlook melee in their purchase price calculations. An experienced jeweler knows better. Melee is a valuable part of any watch, ring, or necklace, and a jeweler will add that value to the purchase price.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell melee for a personal reason like crafting your own custom designed jewelry or hoping to hold diamonds as an investment, you shouldn’t attempt to buy or sell melee without the assistance of an experience and trusted jeweler. The best melee diamonds can be found at fine jewelry stores.