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When you want to sell your gold, finding good value is not easy. This is because not every gold buyer has your best interests in mind. There are plenty of gold buyers in Atlantawho would be willing to buy your unwanted gold. However, there are a few things you should know to make sure your gold buyer is sincere and will give you the best value.

How Many Years in Business?

When the prices for gold increase, it is not uncommon for individuals to want their share of the profits. Almost any individual can claim they are a gold buyer and set up shop. You should avoid these buyers at all costs. All they care about is making money and then they disappear. A well-established storefront is a much safer and more reliable location to sell your gold. These buyers have the experience and expertise needed in purchasing valuable metals.

What Do Past Customers Say?

You don’t have to enter a gold buying establishment blindly. You should take the time to research and ask other customers how their experiences were selling their gold there. See if any of their customers have any testimonials. Reviewing customer feedback is another good way to see about other customers’ experiences. If a gold buyer has strong customer service, expertise, and has given good values for gold, they should be considered for buying your gold.

Can You Give Me an Estimate?

Gold buyers should take the time and effort necessary to provide you with proper customer service. This means that you should be able to get an estimate, or assessment, for the value of your gold. They should explain the estimate process to you as they do it. Such knowledge is not secret and any gold buyer who refuses to explain the process shouldn’t be given your business. The same can be said for gold buyers that give you a price right after you present your gold and don’t estimate it properly.

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What Is My Estimate Based On?

Gold estimates are a simple process and should be done right in front of you. A respectable gold buyer will evaluate your gold on five characteristics: the type of metal, the metal’s purity, weight of each item you submitted, include any diamonds or gemstones, and the current market price. If your gold buyer cannot explain the estimation process to you or they do the estimate out of sight, you might not be getting an accurate estimate on your gold.

Were Diamonds and Gemstones Included in My Estimate?

It is very important that your gold estimate include any diamonds or precious gemstones. Diamonds can increase your selling price. While smaller diamonds and gemstones might not add much to your estimate, anything that increases your selling price is worth being included. If gold buyers are not including your diamonds and gems in the estimate, you should find a gold buyer who does. Only if the gemstones are semi-precious or common should they be excluded in order to determine the correct value for your gold.

Am I Required to Provide the Buyer Information?

Gold buyers are required by law to request a photocopy of your identification, a thumbprint, and a signature that identifies you as the owner. This information is important because it helps prevent theft and is kept confidential. Any gold buyer who does not request this information should not be sold your gold. It is a clear sign that they are not certified in gold buying.