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If you’re looking to sell estate jewelry or have some fine jewelry of your own that you just don’t wear anymore, you can get a great price if you know where to look. There are many companies that post advertisements saying, “We buy used jewelry” in Atlanta, but it’s crucial that you find a reputable company so you know you’re getting what you deserve for your used jewelry. Very few jewelry buyers in Atlanta are actually fully qualified to evaluate your pieces accurately and fairly. Follow these simple guidelines in order to find the best place to sell your fine jewelry.

Avoid Cash-for-Gold Companies

Many fast-cash gold companies will buy much more than gold, even though that’s their specialty. Evaluating the value of gold jewelry is relatively easy based on the current market rate, but getting the right price for diamonds is much more complex.

Since these gold-based companies are mostly interested in gold jewelry, you’ll usually get a minimum offer for diamonds and they won’t be properly graded. Even if a gold company says they’ll buy your diamond, you’ll get much more out of it by taking it to an actual diamond specialist.

Look for GIA Graduates

The three C’s used for diamonds in the jewelry industry today (cut, color, clarity) were created by the Gemological Institute of America. And since the intrinsic value of a diamond is directly related to its characteristics, working with someone who can accurately grade that diamond is essential.

GIA graduates are usually the best choices when it comes to getting your diamond properly graded. If you think you’ve found the right company to grade your diamond jewelry, ask them if they have any GIA graduates on staff or at least if the graders are closely associated with the GIA.

Look for Reputable Review Sites

When looking for reviews of various diamond grading companies online, use your time wisely. You could spend forever looking at reviews on independent sites, but there’s no guarantee the reviews are accurate or verified. Always go to reputable review sites to do research. Sites like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau are great places to find direct customer reviews.

You want to make sure you’ll be working with a company who has earned their good reputation through hard work and outstanding service, not a company who simply buys good ratings through unverified reviews.

Grading a Diamond

Avoid Strictly Online Deals or “Businesses”

Jewelry-buying scams over the Internet are more common than you think. You can never trust that someone will give you an accurate price for your diamond if they’ve only seen pictures. If the offer seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Never send your jewelry to a company claiming to want to buy it, even if they’ve already deposited money in your PayPal account. The money can be taken away as soon as the jewel is in their possession. When it comes to grading and buying diamonds, it must be in person.

Established estate jewelry buyers in Atlanta with decades of experience, along with a brick-and-mortar location, are essentials to making sure you will get an honest value for your diamond.