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The Elan Diamond Group is an industry leader in buying and appraising diamonds, gold, and watches. At Elan Diamond Group, we pride ourselves on professionalism and accurate assessments of value. We make every possible effort to stay on top of trends in the marketplace. There are plenty of gold, diamond, and jewelry buyers online who would be happy to undervalue your jewelry and take advantage of inexperienced sellers. As an established, professional business, we enjoy developing relationships with our customers, so you know that you can trust our appraisals. You’re welcome to schedule a private appointment so that you can experience the difference that working with the best can make.

How to Estimate a Diamond's Value

There are many factors that go into appraising a diamond. Do you know how to estimate your diamond’s value?


Cut and Shape


The cut and shape of a diamond always impact its worth. Partially, this is going to be due to the popularity and demand of certain diamonds. Round and oval cut diamonds are always quite popular, so buyers know that they can move those diamonds quickly. Other shapes and cuts, such as emerald, marquise, or heart shapes tend to be a bit more difficult to move. In turn, you’ll often see more conservative pricing for these.


Carat Weight


This is probably the one factor that most people know the best. The carat weight is of major significance. However, many people may not know that for jewelry with multiple diamonds, the individual carat weight of each diamond and the total carat weight of the jewelry item as a whole are both considered.


Clarity and Color


Clarity and color are perhaps the most confusing for customers. Clarity is how “clear” the diamond appears to be. Muddier looking diamonds with lower clarity are deemed less valuable. The color or “whiteness” of the diamond is also assessed. This can get a more complex, but the simplest way to explain it is that a diamond goes from “exceptionally white” on one end of the color grade to “tinted white” or “tinted color” at the other end.


Of course, without the right training, experience, and lighting conditions, it’s impossible to truly appraise a diamond yourself. That’s why a professional appraiser and properly calibrated equipment are used. If you’re curious about your jewelry, you can always schedule a visit to have your diamond appraised.