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Whether you have amassed an enormous antique coin collection, own a few vintage jewels, or simply want to determine the value of current gold and silver products you own, you should know that you can make a serious amount of money if you sell them properly. Gold and silver, like almost nothing else, retains value and even appreciates under some circumstances. This means that whether you have a large gold coin or a small silver ring, you can sell it to the right buyer for an excellent price.

  • But selling gold can be difficult. Where should you start? Should you avoid pawn shops entirely? Should you go through auction houses and other professional buyers? Here are some useful pieces of advice for selling gold and silver in Atlanta.

  • First, you should know that gold and silver can vary drastically in value. Two silver necklaces that look very similar, for example, can end up selling for drastically different amounts. This depends on the overall value of the item, which is based on a variety of factors.

  • There is a difference between price and value. Value is the overall financial worth of an item—in this case, in American dollars. Price, meanwhile, is the amount at which an item of a certain value will be sold to the public or sold to a dealer. Prices can fluctuate based on the prestige or brand of a business, the time at which you sell, and more. It is important that when you sell gold or silver, you are given a price that best reflects the item’s value.

  • Only consider selling through a professional gold and silver buyer. Many individuals and even small businesses can be scam artists that mean to take advantage of sellers. One of the best ways that sellers can be scammed is by having their gold or silver undervalued. A seller can offer a very low price for an item of great value, a scam that will work if you are uninformed about the appraisal value of the item or items. Professional buyers have the skills and honesty to give you an accurate value for all of your gold and silver items.


  • Specialized dealers have experience with people of all lifestyles who want to sell gold or silver. These dealers have experience with appraising everything from gold tiaras to silver cutlery and can determine the best value. Best of all, because dealers come across so much gold and silver, they will be willing to give you a top selling price. Also, unlike auction houses or individual buyers, gold and silver dealers specialize in buying and selling gold and silver over anything else. Just be sure to shop around with a few reputable dealers rather than taking the first price you are given. This will help you make an informed selling decision based on several value appraisals.

  • Now you should know what determines the value of gold and silver. The date, mintmark, condition, purity, and weight of precious metals will affect its value and, therefore, selling price. For example, gold can be weighed to find its Actual Gold Weight, a number that you can then multiply by the current value of gold per ounce. This will give you an approximate value for scrap gold. But a professional appraiser can best determine the value of precious metals.

If you are wondering where to sell gold in Atlanta, start with a dealer with an excellent reputation, good reviews, and experience with top-quality gold and silver. Dealers will help you walk away from a sale with the most money possible. Selling gold and silver in Atlanta may seem intimidating if you are inexperienced or even unsure of the value or purity of precious metals you own. If you follow the above advice, you can be on track to finding the best asking price for any unneeded gold and silver you own.