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There comes a point in life where it is time to say “out with the old and in with the new.” Diamond jewelry will always have great value, so it makes the selling process that much easier. Women always want to upgrade their belongings, and jewelry is definitely one of them. Every day there are new up and coming styles to make diamonds more desirable. This makes finding a reputable Atlanta diamond buyer very important within this entire process.


What are some important things to look for when finding a buyer that will make this experience fair? When you look for a diamond buyer, you need to make sure that he is using the 4 C’s when it comes to grading: Color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. If all four of those attributes are not being considered, then you should probably look for a different buyer. An accurate grade on the diamond is how you will determine the value. To make sure that you aren’t being ripped off, a grader with a trustworthy background is what will benefit you the most.


The common mistake is to go to the buyer that promises the most on their website. Chances are that there is some sort of catch that you will find out when it is too late. Find a company that is well known, not a small company that claims to be the best. If you take the time to do a lot of research, then you definitely won’t regret your final decision after you are filled with a wealth of knowledge.

Fake Companies

Unfortunately, there are companies out there that are just trying to scam people right and left. They do everything to make sure their website looks professional and even create false reviews to increase attractiveness. These companies even try to get you to mail in your diamond and claim they will pay you after they have finished the grading process. This isn’t recommended and will definitely be a decision that you regret if you don’t find the right diamond buyer in Atlanta.