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Historians can’t say for certain how long humans have been using gold, but they do know for certain that its history reaches back into antiquity. Natural bits of gold were found in caves used by Paleolithic man. They know it was used by Egyptian pharaohs and priests for adornment, or jewelry. However, researchers definitely know when man began using gold as money. Its first use as currency occurred in 700 B.C., and people today still view it as a precious commodity.

So, if you’re a beginner to gold buying, know that you’re in good company! Here are some tips for beginner gold buyers in Atlanta.

There are slight variations in gold that determine its quality and price. This means most fine jewelry buyers can find a gold piece within their budget.


Pure gold is very soft to use as jewelry, so it’s mixed with other metals to give it durability. Most people who wear gold jewelry know they can purchase gold jewelry in different carats like 18 karats or 24 karats. It’s measured in 24ths, so 24 karat gold is pure gold, and 18 karat gold is 18 parts gold to 6 parts other metals. A higher number signifies higher gold content. In the U.S., most fine gold jewelry is 18 karat, but 14 karat is also popular. Purer gold can fetch a bigger price.


Gold isn’t always gold. Most people are familiar with yellow, white, and rose gold. This broad color palette is created by mixing gold with different alloys. Mixing pure gold with white metals like silver creates white gold. Adding copper gives gold a blush. White gold is the most popular choice for wedding bands in the U.S., but yellow gold remains the most popular choice for jewelry around the world.


Gold in jewelry is measured in grams. Most countries require that all gold jewelry be stamped or hallmarked with its karat weight, but the U.S. doesn’t have any precious metal stamping requirements. Though it’s not tightly regulated, much of the jewelry in the U.S. is stamped because many buyers are uneasy purchasing gold without a hallmark. Buyers should beware that U.S. hallmarks aren’t regulated, so unscrupulous gold sellers create hallmarks to pass off lower quality gold.

Common Uses

Though most people think of jewelry when they think of gold, it’s also become a popular investment vehicle. As stocks and bonds flirt with historical highs, many investors worried that the bubble may be about to burst, and are now turning to precious metals like gold and other hard assets. Gold prices fluctuate depending on market demand, so these other uses can drive up the cost of gold jewelry.

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Trusted Jeweler

Finding a trusted jeweler is the best way to ensure you’re buying quality gold. Your trusted jeweler will also have tips and tricks of the gold-buying trade. If you’re new to purchasing fine jewelry, browsing in a high-end store may feel intimidating. However, a reputable jeweler can help you buy gold in Atlanta while sticking within your budget.

Historians may not be able to pinpoint when humans first began using gold for currency or adornment, but experts can safely say that gold has long-lasting worth and beauty.