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Are you looking into buying yourself a new luxury watch this spring? On the upside, there are plenty of watches for you to choose from, such as Omega and Rolex watches. The bigger issue or question at hand is which one to purchase for yourself? In this brief guide, you’ll explore the main similarities and differences between Omega and Rolex watches.

Similarities Between Omega and Rolex Watches

A few common traits that Omega and Rolex watches have in common is that they’re both Swiss luxury watches that have significant brand recognition. James Bond has also worn both watches in a few 007 films. However, the reason for this may be due to their high accuracy for mechanical watches.  Additionally, both brands have incredible ROI and actually fight electromagnetic interference! The differences between Omega and Rolex watches are more varied.

Resell Value

Resell value and ROI are incredibly important when you purchase an expensive item, especially a luxury watch. Atlanta luxury watch buyers know you should always consider the watch’s resell value. Fortunately, if you enjoy Rolex watches, it’s good news for you. Rolex watches have the better resell value compared to Omega watches. Omega still has a high resell value, just not as impressive as Rolex watches. Plus, if you’re looking to sell your luxury watches in Atlanta, you want to find a brand with the best resell price. But, either way, you’re getting a great deal!

Watch Accuracy

Before buying a luxury watch, you always want to check its accuracy. After all, you don’t want to buy a watch for a few hundred dollars if it can’t tell time accurately. For this round, Omega takes the cake. The Omega brand makes quartz watches, which tend to be slightly more impressive than mechanical Rolex watches. Sure, both are incredibly functional and accurate, but if you’re a stickler for time accuracy, you’re going to want to purchase an Omega watch.

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Water Resistance

If you’re buying a luxury watch for longevity, which you should, water resistance is most likely relevant to you, since you don’t want to damage your Omega or Rolex watch by walking outdoors in the rain. Fortunately, both brands offer diver’s watches that have significant water resistance. For example, the Omega has the Seamaster ProProf 1200m with a water resistance of 1,200 meters/4,000 feet, as well as the Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M and the Seamaster Planet Ocean. But Rolex really blows Omega out of the water by providing a Deepsea series that has a water resistance of up to 3,000 meters/12,800 feet.

Price Differences

Being in the market for luxury watches often means you have the money to foot an expensive bill, but you certainly have a limit. An essential factor in the type of watch you purchase is the price you’re paying. The price of the lowest Rolex watch tends to be much more expensive than a regular Omega watch. Due to this, if you have a relatively tight budget, you might want to purchase a watch from the Omega line.

Omega and Rolex watches have quite a few similarities and differences, but both make for great luxury wear depending on your style, budget, and personality. For more information or to sell your luxury watches, contact Elan Diamond Group today!