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Whether you are looking for a bracelet, earrings, or engagement ring, the diamonds you choose should make the jewelry sparkle. Many diamond buyers base their selection solely on price, leading them to purchase an inferior stone with many flaws. Whether you are buying your diamond from an online retailer or from a local jeweler, here are a few of the most common mistakes made by diamond ring buyers in Atlanta.

  1. Misunderstanding the quality of the cut. The cut of your diamond determines how the light will reflect on its many facets. Because the cut is more difficult to define than the color or clarity of the diamond, many buyers buy poorly cut stones. In an effort to sell you on a specific stone, a jeweler might attempt to show you a few different stones with various cut qualities. While one stone might be cut better than the others, it still doesn’t mean that it is a well cut diamond.  In other situations, the jeweler may attempt to sell you a deeply cut diamond.  These diamonds carry more of their carat weight in their depth as opposed to their width. If you end up with a deep cut diamond, it may appear smaller than its actual carat size.
  2. Buying a diamond that is less than the clarity and color grade represented. Unfortunately, if you don’t know much about the clarity and color of diamonds, you may be taken for a ride. The FTC only requires that diamond retailers claim the grade of their diamonds to be within 1 grade of what it is appraised as. This means that they could tell you that a diamond is a F in color but in all reality it could be a G.
  3. Purchasing a diamond that is already set. Once a diamond has already been placed in a setting, it’s impossible to judge its clarity and color properly. It’s easy to hide flaws underneath prongs and the true color of the stone is often obscured by the reflection of the setting. Never buy a diamond without seeing it loose and under a magnifier. It’s the best way to ensure you are getting a quality stone.
  4. Buying a diamond without seeing it in natural light. Jewelry stores are filled with spotlights, mirrors, and bulbs to ensure that each stone looks its best. When you are considering a specific diamond, ask to see it in natural lighting. This allows you to see it under normal, day-to-day circumstances.
  5. Verifying the carat. Many jewelers advertise their diamonds at a carat weight that is rounded up. This means that a diamond that is .71 carats might be represented as a ¾ carat diamond. It’s important to ask for the exact carat weight and the price per carat to be able to adequately compare diamonds.
  6. Purchasing a diamond without seeing the GIA report. Each diamond that you buy should have a GIA certification. This means that it has been examined and graded by a GIA technician in a standardized environment. If a jeweler isn’t willing to show you the GIA report on a diamond, move on to a different stone and a different retailer.

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When looking to purchase new stones, diamond buyers in Atlanta should avoid these classic mistakes. This ensures that you end up with a beautiful, quality stone.