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If you’ve got gold necklaces, rings, or coins that aren’t in use, you could be sitting on a mound of wealth. Selling gold is a great way to de-clutter your home and walk away with cash. What’s the secret for getting the most out of your gold buying in Atlanta experience? Here are a few tips that you need to know.

  • Understand the different scales. It’s important to know how the gold buyers in Atlanta, Georgia, are measuring your gold. Most jewelers use a scale of measurement known as the Troy ounce. Some may even measure your gold in pennyweight. Whichever they do, make sure that they measure and pay you according to the same scale. Some jewelers attempt to measure gold in pennyweight and then pay their customers by the gram.
  • Karats matter. The higher the karat value of your gold, the more it is worth. It is illegal in the United States to sell gold that is less than 10 karats.
  • Separate your jewelry before receiving a quote. If you have different pieces of gold that you are looking to sell, separate them based on karat value. Weighing all of your gold together may result in the jeweler paying you for the lowest karat value. By separating it, you are sure to get the money you deserve for the different karats you present.
  • Know the value. There are plenty of ways for you to know a basic range of what your gold is worth. Whether you call a jeweler or check an online source, knowing what your gold is worth beforehand ensures that you receive a fair payout once you sell.
  • Sell to a trusted buyer. When selling your jewelry, only go to businesses that are registered with the BBB or are accredited with the Gem Society. These are reputable companies that can be trusted to handle your exchange.

Selling gold in Atlanta doesn’t need to be difficult. By following these tips and tricks, you’re sure to get the cash that you deserve for your valuables.