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Gold continues to be a solid and lucrative investment. It is a commodity that is relatively easy for everyday, average folks to buy, sell, and own, which is a big part of why it remains so profitable. If you are interested in gold buying in Buckhead or Atlanta, you can choose between using a local gold dealer for your purchase or buying from an online retailer. Before you head out to your local store because the idea of making such a large purchase online makes you uneasy, consider carefully the following 5 advantages of buying gold online:

  • Nothing beats online shopping for convenience. The options for buying gold are varied and it could take you several days and multiple trips to multiple retailers for you to find the gold you want. Shopping online makes it possible for you to find your gold without ever leaving home. You can switch between retailers quickly, check prices, and do extensive research at lightning speed.
  • Investors typically purchase gold bullion. Bullion means that the gold is refined to a recognized fineness and stamped with a recognized weight. Usually bullion comes in the form of bars, but coins can also be considered bullion. Beyond basic bullion, investors may choose to purchase certain kinds of coins that, by themselves, have numismatic value. The possibilities are endless, but your local store will have a limited selection. No gold dealer can stock everything. Online shopping, however, makes almost every gold-buying option available to you.
  • Generally speaking, online gold retailers offer better pricing than local stores. There are two main reasons for this. First, local retailers have more overhead. They have a storefront and all the expenses that accompany it to cover. Second, online retailers have volume on their side. They buy and sell greater volumes of gold than local shops, which gives them a significant pricing edge. Even with the additional charges of shipping and insurance, online gold prices are better.

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  • Gold purchases are usually subject to sales tax laws. If you buy your gold from a local store, you will almost certainly have to pay sales tax on your purchase. But if you buy online, the likelihood of being charged sales tax is significantly smaller.
  • No pressure. You have complete control of the process online. You will not be pressured by time. You will not receive a long sales pitch convincing you to buy something different than what you came to purchase. The chances of spending more than you planned are lower and you can go at your own pace.

Buying gold online has very real advantages. As with everything, though, there are a few cautions. First, gold is a commodity, which means its price can be checked. You can check the price of gold easily online. You should not pay more for gold than 5 to 8 percent above the commodity price. Second, be very careful about hidden fees online. An online gold purchase can be expected to involve fees for shipping, handling, and insurance. Choose to purchase from a retailer who is completely transparent about these and other similar fees. And third, choose a reputable dealer. The US Mint maintains a list of national dealers that it checks regularly. This list is a good place to start your search for a good online dealer. From there, you can do other due diligence on the retailer, such as reading online customer reviews, to determine whether or not the dealer is right for you.