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If you are interested in selling watches for cash in Atlanta, then you have plenty of options and the opportunity for a great reward. After all, good watches are like antique furniture: They will last a long time, accrue a fascinating history, remain strikingly beautiful, and inspire others for years. Because luxury watches last so long, they maintain their value, giving you plenty of ways to sell luxury watches in Atlanta. However, you should be sure to evaluate your options before you decide to make your sale. This will ensure that you get the most value for your watch, an important consideration given how expensive your initial investment in a fine watch must have been.

So whether you have a Cartier, Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, or something similarly valuable and acclaimed, do your research before you sell. If you have been thinking to yourself, “I need to find out where to sell my watch,” then you are in luck, because this guide is an excellent place to begin your search for the right outlet.

Pawn Shops

While pawn shops may seem like dangerous places often staffed with grifters, you may be shocked to find out that high-end pawn shops exist. These high-end shops offer luxury jewelry like fine watches, including watches with storied histories. A pawn shop of this caliber would be happy to take a good watch off your hands and would be willing to offer you a fair price for your goods.


Auctions tend to attract wealthier individuals who love to invest in valuables, so those who run auctions will be willing to loosen their purse strings appropriately for a fine luxury watch. Because specialist auctions attract people with rich tastes and skilled collectors alike, you can sell your watch to a store that will understand the value of your watch and will be interested in passing its story on to others.

Luxury watch in Atlanta

Online Auctions

If you want to sell a luxury watch quickly and easily, then you may want to consider going through an online auction house. Online houses like these will be willing and ready to accept all kinds of jewelry from a variety of sources, including independent sellers like you. They will accept jewelry in all conditions and from all brands, but they may offer a low price for your goods because they cannot evaluate them in person—the only surefire way to know the quality of a piece of jewelry. However, due to the good reviews and high traffic of online retailers, you may get something close to market price for a luxury watch.


Appraisers and professional jewelry buyers are dedicated to collecting as much fine jewelry as possible and have the skilled eye to find and examine good products. They can identify the quality and age of your watch as well as its condition and will offer competitive compensation for your time and your jewelry. Those that are in the business of buying and selling diamonds, gold, and other precious metals will understand just how valuable a luxury watch can be and will pay you accordingly. This may be the best route to take if you are certain that you are in possession of quality. Unlike the above places to sell luxury watches in Atlanta, these professional buyers have the best eye.

So if you are still serious about wanting to sell luxury watches in Atlanta, find buyers that have an excellent eye for good, valuable, and well-aged jewelry.