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At Élan Diamond Group, our trustworthy and dependable appraisers will work discreetly with you to carefully value your luxury diamond jewelry. Our appraisers will offer top-dollar for your well-loved fine jewelry. With more than 30 years of diamond appraising and purchasing experience, you can expect a smooth, honest, and confidential appraisal by one of the premier jewelry appraisers in the Atlanta area. Selling a diamond should never involve high pressure tactics. It’s one reason we’re one of the best places to sell diamonds in Atlanta.

Whether you want to sell loose diamonds, diamond earrings, estate engagement rings, or your diamond and gold jewelry, our appraisers will give you a fair and confidential appraisal and offer you a reasonable price. You can walk out of a private meeting with one of our consultants with cash in hand. Selling diamond jewelry has never been easier than when you sell diamond jewelry to us.

Sell Fine Diamonds

Efficient Process for Selling Your Fine Diamonds

At Élan Diamond Group, you will find the most qualified jewelry appraisers in the Atlanta area. We have developed an efficient diamond-purchasing process for your convenience. When you’re ready to part with your diamond jewelry, set up an appointment with one of our appraisers. The appraiser will methodically appraise your diamond jewelry or loose diamonds to determine a fair value, and we’ll offer you a fair price. If you agree to it, you can walk out of the consultation with cash in your pocket, and peace of mind knowing the transaction will remain confidential. However, our staff will not hurry your decision. You can decide at the appointment or mull over the decision, taking the time you need.

We regularly buy diamonds of varying sizes and take every precaution to ensure your privacy and a smooth transaction. There are many benefits to using our professional service:

  • You receive access to experienced jewelry appraisers.
  • You have the ability to meet with the appraiser one-on-one.
  • We only offer the best prices.
  • We are willing to buy diamonds of any size.

Call Us for a Worry-Free Diamond Buying Experience

Selling valuable and sentimental jewelry can be stressful. Whether you want to sell used jewelry or sell gold and diamond jewelry, we will do everything in our power to make sure you have a worry-free experience working with our company. Our appraisers and other staff members will never pressure you to sell your item on the spot. We always give you time to think over your options. If you choose Élan Diamond Group for your sale, we will be delighted to help you and you will join our legacy of treasured clients. Contact us today to schedule your stress-free, confidential appointment.


Melee diamonds, by definition, are small. “Melee” means a diamond as small as 1/1000th of a carat to .18 carats. To the casual diamond buyer, melee diamonds are often referred to as “diamond chips,” but our experienced jewelers know melee diamonds aren’t chips; they’re diamonds. These are valuable gems that, when placed correctly in the right piece, can create a little bit of magic for the jewelry wearer. The majority of the diamonds mined and cut are melee, and grading these small gemstones is an art form that the jewelers at Élan Diamond Group take seriously. Our trustworthy and dependable jewelers have more than 30 years of experience in valuing these precious stones, and we’ll work with you discreetly so you can sell your diamond jewelry.

Sell Melee Diamonds

Diamonds Are Valuable in Every Size

You are surely familiar with the weight of a diamond, which is measured in carats, and how this affects price. Small diamonds between sizes of .001 carats and .18 carats are considered melee. If you’re thinking about selling used diamonds, chances are even your stunning showpiece jewelry contains some melee. We recognize the value of melee diamonds, and we’ll offer you a fair price with the value of these stones taken into consideration. Diamonds of every size are valuable and are expertly cared for at Élan Diamond Group. Schedule a meeting at our Atlanta office to find out how much you could gain from selling these small diamonds. In the industry, grading melee is considered an art form, and our artists at Élan Diamond Group are some of the best. If you’re thinking about selling used diamonds, chances are even your stunning showpiece jewelry contains some melee. We recognize the value of these gems, and we’ll offer you a fair price with the value of these stones taken into consideration.

Sell Melee Found in Jewelry

Melee is typically used in fine jewelry, like watches, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. During our years in the industry, we’ve created important relationships with other jewelers, diamond dealers, and wholesale companies who need these types of stones. This is an important factor to consider when you are looking for a place to sell your diamonds. Because of these connections, Élan Diamond Group is qualified to offer the highest prices for these stones. Schedule an appointment in our Atlanta office to find out how much you can make if you’re willing to part with some of the melee found in your jewelry box.

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