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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Not only do they add glam and style to any ensemble, but they can also keep your family afloat during a hard time. Whether you’re struggling financially or just looking to pad your account with extra cash, selling diamonds is a great way to bring in money. While diamond buyers may seem abounding, there are a few things you need to know to ensure you get the most money for your precious jewels.

Tips for Selling Diamond Jewelry

First and foremost, know what you have. Some of your jewelry may be worth a lot more than other pieces. Before you start exploring your buying options, it’s a good idea to visit an appraiser. A licensed and trained appraiser will take a closer look at all of your diamond jewelry and give you a rundown of each stone’s characteristics, conditions, and worth. Based on the appraisal, it’s much easier to ensure your being offered fair prices from buyers.

After you’ve spoken with an appraiser, set prices based on the information you’ve been given. You can do some research online to see what other comparable diamonds are being sold for. Use this number as a base price when speaking with different buyers. If a diamond buyer tries to lowball an offer, it’ll be easier to walk away because you’ve done the legwork and know what your piece is worth.

No matter how desperate you are for cash, you shouldn’t settle for a subpar buyer who isn’t willing to pay you what your diamond is worth. Investigate various selling options to make sure you find the best offer available. You can sell your diamonds privately or to a licensed diamond buyer. By deciding to sell to a diamond buyer, you can be sure that they’ll know what your gem is worth and produce a worthy offer.

Whether you’re selling an old wedding ring or looking to get rid of your grandmother’s earrings, Elan Diamond Group can help. We are specialists in the diamond buying business. It’s our job to ensure you are given the highest value possible for your precious gems. Meet one-on-one with our appraisers or staff members to explore your diamond selling options and learn more about your fine jewelry.

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