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Many people consider a personal loan for emergency expenses or to consolidate their debt. While there are definitely some perks to a personal loan when compared to other choices, a jewelry loan may be your best option.

No Credit Check

A personal loan always requires a credit check. Qualifying for a personal loan is based on your credit score, credit history, and current income. That information is always required, whether the personal loan is secured or unsecured. On the other hand, a jewelry loan doesn’t require a credit check. A credit check takes time and may end up preventing you from receiving the loan at all. Jewelry equity loans have no need for a credit check, so a credit check is never performed. Your jewelry loan is based merely on the value of the jewelry in question. Your assets determine the loan, which makes it a much easier process.

A Faster Solution

When it comes to an emergency expense, time is of the essence. You may simply not have the luxury of waiting around for a bank to run your credit, confirm your income, and then make a final decision. Whether you have medical needs or an emergency trip that just can’t wait, time is typically not on your side. The waiting period for a personal loan may simply be a nonstarter for you.

A jewelry loan doesn’t require such a delay. In fact, the entire process may take just 48 hours. That means you can get your initial quote and receive your money all in the same week. In contrast, a personal loan could take eight business days to get approval and have your documents verified. That’s a significantly longer delay.

Ring and Money

No Impact on Your Credit Score

If you receive a personal loan, the lender is obligated to report the details of that loan to the credit bureaus. Actually, simply going through the process of applying for a loan can impact your credit score, whether you’re approved for the loan or not. If aren’t able to make payments on your loan as scheduled, your credit score could be negatively impacted even further. For most borrowers, a personal loan is simply never good for their credit score.

Acquiring a jewelry equity loan is totally different. Your credit is never checked, and the lender never reports the loan to any credit bureau. With a jewelry loan, your credit isn’t affected at all. If you’re worried about preserving your credit score and how a loan might change it, a jewelry loan is a great solution for you. In just two days, you could have the money you need and with no aggravation involved. If you want a fast loan that won’t influence your credit score, your best option is to apply for a jewelry loan.

When it comes to a personal loan versus a jewelry loan, there’s really little comparison. A jewelry loan is easier, quicker, and demands minimal hassle. There are plenty of places to sell gold in Atlanta. And, many of those companies also handle jewelry loans. If you’d like to learn more, speak with the experts at Elan Diamond Group.