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There are a number of Atlanta gold buyers available, but they’re not all the same. It’s worth comparing the pros and cons of gold appraisers online and locally. You may have heard horror stories from friends or coworkers, but online options aren’t all terrible. Additionally, simply working with someone who’s local doesn’t automatically guarantee a great experience. As always, it’s worth doing a bit of research before you settle on a given option.


If you have the original appraisal, you may not even need to have the item appraised again. You can likely use the original instead. If you’re strictly selling gold, an appraisal may also be unnecessary. Do you know the karats and weight? Is the craftmanship nothing special? You could use a gold calculator online to get a good estimate of the gold’s value.

The reality is that you primarily need appraisals for more complex items. If there are diamonds, rubies, or other precious or semiprecious stones, you could use a professional appraisal. If you’re not an expert, gauging the value of gems is practically impossible. You don’t want to guess about the value of the piece. A proper appraisal is worth it. However, you should remember that an appraisal gives you the value of what it would cost to buy the item retail. This includes several markups. An appraised value isn’t the value you’ll get when you sell the item to a gold buyer, jewelry store, or auction house. Most buyers will offer you something closer to the wholesale value.


The main benefit of online appraisals is the convenience. You don’t have to visit their store, check their hours, or haggle with anyone in person. Many online appraisers also have very competitive rates. Some even offer free appraisals because they buy gold as well.

However, you do need to be careful when dealing with an online buyer. Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to be certain that it’s a legitimate company with a solid reputation. Additionally, you should make certain that the appraiser has a diploma in gemology from GIA or another accredited school. This information should be readily available on the website. If it isn’t, you should go somewhere else.

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If you’re looking to establish an ongoing relationship with a store or company, going local isn’t a bad idea. Some local stores have a well-established online presence as well. However, stores do often have more overhead than online companies, which means their prices may be less agreeable. As with online appraisers, they still need to be legitimate, so consult the BBB and look for proof of a diploma in gemology. Local stores aren’t an exception to those basic guidelines.

On the other hand, rare pieces or jewelry with a history could fetch a better price locally. Many local stores have ongoing relationships with collectors and other locals who are constantly looking for something unique or with a notable history and story to go along with the piece. If you have something that’s truly a distinct one-of-a-kind item, you could certainly make use of those connections.

The jewelry itself and your specific needs largely help to determine whether an online appraiser or local appraiser might be the better choice. You can find experienced gemologists and reputable businesses both in person and online. At Elan Diamond Group, we buy gold in Atlanta. Contact Elan Diamond Group at 404-480-8818 to receive professional advice and guidance.