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The Rolex watch wouldn’t exist without Hans Wilsdorf who, in 1905, was a 24-year-old Englishman with a dream. He dreamed of revolutionizing the watch worn on the wrist, and had the foresight to envision huge leaps forward in functionality and potential for the watch. Chromatic precision, or the concentrated quality of the timepiece movements, was the biggest innovative focus and leap for Rolex in 1910. It was by integrating chromatic precision into the Rolex timepiece that it became the first watch in the world to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision. This was just the first of many achievements of this king of watch brands, which moved from London to Geneva in 1919 to be in the historically centered site for the best watches and watchmaking skills in the world.

For those selling watches for cash, a Rolex watch is a prized timepiece, because of its amazing history and its luxurious quality. Finding Rolex watch buyers you can trust to give you the right price may seem difficult. However, if you are looking to “sell my Rolex” in Atlanta, you’re in luck. Élan Diamond Group can help you sell a Rolex watch easily and with confidence.

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The more Rolex continued to develop its watches, the more its wearers proved just how worthy it was. It was the first watch brand to release a waterproof and dustproof model in 1926, with the “Oyster.” To prove its waterproof claims, the Rolex Oyster accompanied swimmer Mercedes Gleitze across the English Channel—still working after 10 hours of water time. From there, Rolex accompanied countless adventurers, such as the first plane to fly over Everest in 1933, or the cockpit of Sir Malcolm Campbell as he broke the world speed record nine times as a car racer in 1935.

Since these earlier years, Rolex watches have been going higher, deeper, and farther. It’s become a part of their vision and innovational goals moving forward, to develop watches and designs that can keep up with adventurers and limit-pushers of the present age. In 1971, saw the release of The Explorer II by Rolex, built with polar explorers, speleologists, and other explorers, built with a distinct 24-hour hand perfect for conditions that blur the distinction between night and day. In 1978 Rolex released the Sea-Dweller 4000, a waterproof watch that could reach down to a depth of 4,000 feet and keep its functionality intact.

If you’re wondering where to sell your used luxury watch, you’ve found a company in Élan Diamond Group who recognizes the high quality and innovative design of the Rolex watch.

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With such a rich, innovative history, Rolex is definitely the timeless timepiece. Perhaps you have a Rolex and you’re looking to sell it? Élan Diamond Group offers private consultations and we are more than happy to help individuals discover the value of their old timepieces and help them receive an accurate price for the value of their Rolex watches. Contact us today to learn more.

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