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As a full-service jewelry establishment with more than 30 years’ experience, the Élan Diamond Group is pleased to offer low-interest loans backed by the jewelry you have sitting in your jewelry box! There’s no need to rack up consumer debt on a credit card or borrow money from family and friends when money is tight. With loans for diamonds, fine watch loans, and loans for gold, you can bring in precious items that you aren’t using and secure cash short-term. Our trustworthy and dependable jewelers will loan you top dollar for your luxury jewelry items. Better yet, all transactions are completely confidential, and appraisals are made in private, one-on-one consultations. Maintain your liquidity, privacy, and autonomy by securing a fine jewelry loan.

Gold & Diamond Jewelry Loans

Borrow Against Your Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Diamonds

Have you ever heard of the option to get a loan for gold? We are proud to offer this type of loan at Élan Diamond Group. We have been a trusted lender for many years and have established an efficient process to ensure you get the money you need when you need it.

The conditions of the economy change all of the time and, in certain circumstances, it might be difficult to get a traditional loan when you need it fast. This is where we enter the picture. Gold prices are rising, and if you own this type of material, it is an asset you can use to your advantage. Your fine jewelry can do more than just make you look great; put your valuable jewelry to work for you when times are tight.

We also offer options to borrow against your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and other fine jewelry. Selling is not your only option! These convenient services are just what you need when you are looking to liquidate fast. Schedule an appointment for a one-on-one meeting with a jewelry consultant today, and walk out with cash in your pocket right away.

Sell or Get a Jewelry Loan

It’s not unusual for fine jewelry owners to need a quick hit of cash, but lack the heart to part with their precious luxury items like fine watches, diamonds, gold, and silver. We offer two options: Sell your jewelry to us, or you can get a cash loan. We offer competitive rates, and this is an ideal option if you need cash quickly but don’t want to jump through hoops. Not only will we value your fine jewelry the same way you do, but we’ll offer you a fair price for a sell or reasonable terms for a short-term loan backed by your jewelry.

Top-Notch Gold Appraisals

We are proud of our trusted name in the jewelry industry, and we will never do anything to make you question our intentions. We offer a simple appraisal process, which starts by making an appointment in advance. Your privacy is our top priority, and our appraisers understand this. We will offer you top dollar for your loan collateral. Whether you seek to sell estate jewelry or to secure loans for gold, you can trust that we’ll treat you and your property with the respect deserved.

Make an Appointment Today

Do not take your gold, silver, platinum or diamonds to a local pawn shop. These types of places are unestablished and just in it for the quick money. We are dedicated to providing loyal and honest service, not to mention that we value privacy. At pawn shops, you risk security and publicity.

All you need to do is contact us to schedule an appointment with an appraiser at our Atlanta shop. This is a completely private meeting. Within an hour or so, the appraiser will tell you how much money you can get for your valuables from us. If you accept the terms of the loan, you will leave your watch, gold, diamonds, or other fine jewelry with us for safekeeping, and you can walk out with cash in hand.

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