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If you have unwanted jewelry, you might feel that you're just sitting on used cash. 

Places that advertise, "We buy gold in Atlanta" will gladly you offer you cash for unwanted jewelry, but how can you guarantee that you'll actually get a fair price? Many pawn shops and consignment stores try to undercut you buy promising that dirt-cheap prices are all you can fetch for your gold. But if you arm yourself with the following tips, you can get the best deal, the deal that you deserve for genuine, valuable jewelry.

Learn its Value

There are simple ways to learn the approximate value of your unwanted jewelry. Simply go to an appraiser to get a good resale value. There are many types of jewelry "value", including the worth of the raw metals that comprise it, but this eliminates value additions like attractive design, age, and functional features like a timepiece.

You may have to sell for the scrap value of your jewelry. While this is the quickest way that gold buyers will try to rush you into a sale, this may not be ideal, especially if you get an appraisal. But unless jewelry is in great condition, this may be your only choice. Also, keep in mind that you should only pay for an appraisal if you have a highly valuable piece of jewelry in excellent condition.

Keep it Intact

Chips, missing jewels, broken bands, scuffed glass on a watch face, and other common flaws will devalue your jewelry. You might want to have your jewelry repaired in order to get the best resale value from it. Again, if it's in good condition, it could be re-sold as jewelry, not just scrap metal, which will fetch you better prices. 

Visit a Certified Buyer

There are many places that buy gold and silver, but not all can be trusted. Unlike pawn shops, consignment shops, and online buyers, a local jewelry buyer who specializes in buying high-end jewelry will give you good prices for good jewelry. And there aren't just places that buy gold. Good local buyers will also be interested in gemstones on your unwanted jewelry. You get the best prices from certified buyers because they know jewelry and re-sell it for good prices, so they give a substantial amount of cash to those who bring them quality jewelry. 

Set Good Expectations

You must understand that you probably will never get anything close to the original purchase price of jewelry, unless it has some sort of historic, vintage value. Ask yourself, "Where can I find a buyer that advertises, 'We buy gold' near me?" then be ready to present your jewelry. While you can refer to the appraisal you received, you have to keep your expectations moderate. Don't accept any lowball prices, but don't turn down reasonable offers in hopes of getting something close to the original purchase price of the jewelry. Some cash is better than nothing, when it comes to selling gold. And depending on the dealer you visit, you might even be able to trade your old jewelry for something new.

Visit Elan Diamond Group. We buy gold in Atlanta, including unwanted gold jewelry, so you can get cash back for the gold you don't want.

People concerned with fluctuating markets and the stability of US currency have been investing in precious metals for years. While the price of gold and silver also fluctuates, investing in precious metals is usually a safe venture. Even investing in small amount of gold and silver can pay off down the road. If you get in a tight spot or lose unexpected money in other investments, you can sell gold and other precious metals or stones in order to help you get through. Even jewelry can be an investment, as  buyers are always looking for quality pieces. If you're looking to invest in gold or see a return on gold you already own, it's important to understand the common myths that are out there. Here are five common myths that you should ignore.

Rising Interest Rates Hurt Precious Metals Prices

Rising interest rates really don't have a lot to do with the price of precious metals. In fact, in the 1970's when interest rates were rushing upwards, gold and silver prices went soaring. Real interest rates do have a bearing on the price of precious metals, but what matters is if the interest rates are positive or negative. If interest rates are still staying below the rate of inflation, then that'll work in favor of precious metal prices. Rate surges need to stay behind the curve, but if they do, then prices for gold and silver will be favorable.

The Government Might Confiscate Your Gold

This myth comes from an executive order given in the 1930s by then-president Franklin Roosevelt. The order prohibited people from stashing large amounts of gold away and required them to exchange their gold for cash. However, the order didn't authorize government agents to randomly sweep safe deposit boxes and bank vaults. For the most part, people voluntarily surrendered their gold in exchange for cash and in only a few rare cases were bank vaults raided after the banks had failed. It's very unlikely that the government would ever ask for the surrender of gold assets today, especially since the dollar is no longer on a gold standard. The government also has no way to keep tabs on who owns gold bullion if you buy it from a dealer and keep it in your own home.

Rare Coins Cannot be Confiscated

Be wary of rare coin dealers who mark up their prices claiming that collectible coins made from precious metals cannot be confiscated. Your price will be higher than the amount of metal in the coin is worth, and there is no guarantee that coin collectors will always value the coin as highly. Since there is little chance of the government confiscating your gold in the first place, it doesn't make a lot of sense to buy numismatic coins solely because of the idea that they won't be confiscated.

Gold Stocks Offer a Much Higher Return

You might've heard that gold stocks are a safer option than gold bullion, but records show that long-term investors actually saw a better rate of return with gold bullion. From 2000-2014, gold saw a 309% gain, whereas gold stocks saw only a 122% gain. While in the short term a rise in the market my see you a better return on gold stocks, when the market falls, stocks in gold and silver plummet much lower than the actual metals. If you're looking for a longtime safe investment, bullion is a better choice.

Price Manipulation Makes Gold a Poor Investment

Unfortunately price manipulation does take place, which can make things hard for the average investor. However, price manipulation is going to affect all investment assets, not just precious metals. Price manipulation starts to matter when prices are set artificially high. In some cases they are set low, which is actually helpful for buyers. Precious metals can actually be safer than other assets in fighting price manipulation because it is a hard product instead of a mere representation. Prices are determined by supply and demand. If you have hard product in your possession, when demand outstrips supply, prices are going to rise, protecting your investment.

If you need cash and want to sell your gold, visit www.elandiamondgroup.com to find out where to sell gold in Atlanta.

Friday, 04 January 2019 01:07

The Ultimate Guide for Luxury Watch Buyers

Whether you’re buying a new watch or selling a luxury watch in Atlanta, GA, it’s important to do your homework and understand the value of your watch. When you begin your search for a luxury timepiece, whether it’s for you or someone else, there are several questions you should ask yourself. Keep reading to learn more from the experts at the Elan Diamond Group.

How to Find the Best Watch for You

The first question you should ask is why do you want a new watch? Maybe you’re a collector and you have your eye on a classic piece to enhance your collection. Maybe it’s to commemorate a special occasion like a birthday or a job promotion. Regardless, you don’t need an excuse to buy a new watch, but you do need to do your research ahead of time to avoid scams and overpaying.

Next, think about the type of watch and the features you want. Do you want a sports watch or one that you can wear to the gala? Do you need certain features like a timer, calendar, or smart-phone compatibility? When it comes to style, are you a minimalist or do you like to see the inner workings of your timepiece? While the minimalist style has been very popular in the last few years, there has been a recent resurgence of classical watch styles reminiscent of the Pepsi GMT from Rolex.

Finally, you should consider your budget. What are you willing to spend on the perfect watch? Keep in mind that luxury and classic watches like the Pepsi GMT are only going to up in value the longer you wait. If it's something you’re going to pass down to the next generation, a high-quality luxury timepiece is sure to appreciate with time. If you’re on a fixed budget, consider buying a newer watch that will only increase in value in the future.  

The Online Experience

According to Pew Research, nearly 8 in 10 American prefer to do their shopping online because it’s more convenient compared to visiting a traditional store. If you’re a fan of luxury watches, the internet offers a plethora of options at your fingertips. However, the biggest downside to shopping for watches online is that you miss out on the opportunity to try it on in person. For many watch aficionados, trying on a new timepiece is part of the shopping experience. Depending on where you shop online, many watch sellers have return policies that give you the opportunity to try your new timepiece on and then return it if you decide it isn’t your style. Always check the return policies before you finalize your online order to ensure you won’t be penalized or charged extra for returning a watch you didn’t like.

Regardless of whether you buy your watch online or in a store, verify the business you’re purchasing from to avoid a scam. Verify their business license as well as their jewelry expertise. How many years have they been in business and are they affiliated with professional organizations like the GIA or the International Watch and Jewelry Guild? Whether you're buying a new watch or selling watches for cash in Atlanta, GA, contact the professionals at the Elan Diamond Group for a consultation.  

Friday, 28 December 2018 07:20

Types of Gold Coins You Can Sell in Atlanta

Gold coins was once the form of payment in society. However, technological advances have changed the way money in exchange for goods works. If you’ve inherited a few gold doubloons, maybe it’s time to trade them in for their worth. If you’re not sure where to sell your gold coins, you should consider diamond jewelry buyers in Atlanta. Many diamond buyers will buy your coins for a reasonable amount depending on what coin it is. Read on to learn about the different coins you can sell, and what you can expect for your gold coins.

American Gold Eagles

These coins capture the majestic fierceness of our national symbol. Since 1986, they’ve been the standard by which modern gold coins are compared. They serve as an official gold bullion of the United States of America. They come in tenth, quarter, half ounce denominations as well as one full ounce. Their gold content is .9167, which makes them 22 karats. The American Gold Eagle gold coin is guaranteed by the federal government to be comprised of the same amount of gold in troy ounces. They are extremely popular with gold and diamond buyers, so that makes it a perfect place to sell your gold coins.

$20 Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagles

This coin is considered by many to be the most alluring and beautiful US gold coin ever designed, minted and mass produced. It’s named after its designer, artist and sculpture Agustus Saint-Gaudens. It was minted between 1907 and 1933. For both buyers and sellers, it is worth more as a gold coin than just for its gold content. The $20 Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle gold coin has a purity of 90%, which equates to 30.05 grams of gold. Teddy Roosevelt commissioned the Saint Gaudens in an effort to beautify U.S. coins, which makes these desirable to many buyers.

American Gold Buffaloes

This gold coin commemorates one of the most iconic North American animals in existence. It weighs in at a solid 1 troy ounce, or 31.1 grams, and is made of 24 karat gold. It was the first gold coin of such a high karat number minted for the public. It’s based on the 1913 nickel coin known as the Buffalo Nickel, or Indian Head Nickel. The American Gold Buffalo is a common coin and has a value of $50. But that can fluctuate based on the price of gold and collector demand. These beautiful gold coins are available in tenth, quarter, half and one-ounce sizes.

Liberty Head

These gold coins were minted in the 1830s, starting with a $10 Gold Eagle. From 1830 through 1849, the U.S. government produced the quarter eagle, half eagle, and double eagle. Liberty Head gold coins had an extremely high face value in its day. They have been on the market for so long that the price per coin is going to increase as it gets harder to obtain these coins.

Precious metal and diamond jewelry buyers in Atlanta appreciate the value of an American gold coin. In fact, if you are looking to sell diamond jewelry and have some gold coins hanging around, you should bring them in for an appraisal. You can trust that your gold coins will receive a fair offer, and of course, a quick turnaround. Consult with Elan Diamond Group today to get started on selling your gold coins.

Winter is a busy season for jewelry retailers because everyone wants to get that perfect piece for their loved one. But when it comes to reselling jewelry, like your diamonds, is the holidays the right time? Diamond and gold buyers in Atlanta, GA are influenced by more than just the holiday season when it comes to buying. Keep reading to learn more from the diamond experts at Elan Diamond Group. 

Seasonality in the Diamond Industry

For the jewelry industry, the biggest holidays are Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. These are the most popular holidays for buying and giving jewelry. However, selling your diamonds isn’t necessarily affected by the change of seasons. Because jewelers and diamond buyers are always on the lookout for new inventory regardless of what holiday is coming, the best time to sell is any time. Retailers and buyers may stockpile for specific holidays throughout the year in anticipation for increased demand. So whether you come in the week before or after Christmas, the appraised value of your diamond is unlikely to change as well.

Diamonds That Sell Fast

The demand for certain diamonds can change depending on fashion trends and availability. That can also influence when to sell your diamonds. For example, in the last few years, there has been an increase in the demand for colored diamonds. Chocolate, pink, blue, and yellow diamonds have become increasingly popular because of their unique colors. If you happen to own a colored diamond and want to sell it, now is the time before the next diamond trend hits the runway. So pay attention to the trend if you have a unique colored diamond, as buyers will be in demand for those rarities. 

In addition to color, the cut and clarity of your diamond will also affect value and resell. Your diamond appraiser will consider the brilliance of your diamond which is determined by the number of facets and the cut of the stone. Diamonds with a high brilliance and clarity rating are very valuable and are more likely to sell at any given time. Round diamonds are always popular no matter what time of year it is. But one thing to consider is, diamonds that are under 1 carat in size are more difficult to sell unless they are in bulk. 

Where To Sell Your Diamond

If you're looking to sell your diamonds, places that buy gold and silver are great resources. But, do your research to avoid scams and get the most for your jewelry. Look for a diamond buyer with experience and extensive industry knowledge. Meet with your appraiser one-on-one and have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the best value for your diamond. Appointments with an Elan Diamond Group appraiser are confidential and smooth. Your appraiser will be honest with you about the value of your diamond, and they’ll never make you feel pressed to sell your jewelry. If you’re curious about the value of your jewelry, call Elan Diamond Group for an estimate today.

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Selling Gold: Tips on How to Do It

If you have a collection of gold jewelry, coins or even just a lump of gold, you may be asking yourself “what store would buy gold near me in Atlanta?” The good news is there are plenty. Before you go, though, you need to make sure you are clear on several tips for getting the best out of your gold investment. Here they are.

Know Your Scales

Jewelers use a Troy ounce, which is 31.1 grams. US scales measure an ounce at 28 grams. Know before you go what the weight of your gold is in Troy ounces, grams and pennyweights. Make sure when you find a dealer to buy gold, that they do not measure your gold in pennyweight and pay you by the gram; that is a sneaky way some dealers will pay less for more gold.

Know the Karat System

The Federal Trade Commission requires that jewelry and gold pieces sold in the United States have a karat designation of the alloy used with the gold to make it firm enough to mold and stay molded. A single karat is a twenty-fourth of pure gold by weight, so a 14 karat gold jewelry piece would be 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy metals. To be legally “gold jewelry,” a piece of jewelry must be a minimum of 10 karats. In order to walk out of places that buy gold with a good feeling, make sure you understand the karats of every piece of gold or gold jewelry you want to sell.

Remember the Dealer Sells, too

A lot of people forget that the place they sell their gold is where other customers buy gold. That means your buyer is also a seller, so they are not going to offer you something that favors your position. That is not to say they are trying to cheat you, but do not walk into a dealer thinking you will get much more than market prices, and many times, not even that. Also, keep in mind that since gold is a cash business primarily, most people selling gold want the quick money, so they might not insist on all they could get; that is the mindset of the dealer going into your negotiation.

Know the Value

That brings up the importance of knowing the value of your gold. Understanding the market value helps you set a base upon which you can negotiate. You may not get an offer that reaches market value, but depending on how bad you want the cash, if it is close, you may decide to take the offer. If the dealer offers you much below market value, you also will know that and can look elsewhere.

Know the Dealer

This is a polite way of saying that you should not sell your gold to “Jimmy who is working out the back of his car.” There are a number of reasons for researching and knowing the dealer you will do a transaction with, not the least of which is that you will know if they have a history of swindling people. Make sure you know the reputation of the people you are selling your gold to and that you trust them.

If you are a novice, figuring out the question of “who will buy gold near me in Atlanta” is only the first of many questions you need to ask yourself. Make sure you use these tips and always be aware of less reputable individuals who will try anything to separate you from your gold. Visit Elan Diamond Group to learn more about gold and other jewelry!

Many people consider a personal loan for emergency expenses or to consolidate their debt. While there are definitely some perks to a personal loan when compared to other choices, a jewelry loan may be your best option.

No Credit Check

A personal loan always requires a credit check. Qualifying for a personal loan is based on your credit score, credit history, and current income. That information is always required, whether the personal loan is secured or unsecured. On the other hand, a jewelry loan doesn't require a credit check. A credit check takes time and may end up preventing you from receiving the loan at all. Jewelry equity loans have no need for a credit check, so a credit check is never performed. Your jewelry loan is based merely on the value of the jewelry in question. Your assets determine the loan, which makes it a much easier process.

A Faster Solution

When it comes to an emergency expense, time is of the essence. You may simply not have the luxury of waiting around for a bank to run your credit, confirm your income, and then make a final decision. Whether you have medical needs or an emergency trip that just can't wait, time is typically not on your side. The waiting period for a personal loan may simply be a nonstarter for you.

A jewelry loan doesn't require such a delay. In fact, the entire process may take just 48 hours. That means you can get your initial quote and receive your money all in the same week. In contrast, a personal loan could take eight business days to get approval and have your documents verified. That's a significantly longer delay.

No Impact on Your Credit Score

If you receive a personal loan, the lender is obligated to report the details of that loan to the credit bureaus. Actually, simply going through the process of applying for a loan can impact your credit score, whether you're approved for the loan or not. If aren't able to make payments on your loan as scheduled, your credit score could be negatively impacted even further. For most borrowers, a personal loan is simply never good for their credit score.

Acquiring a jewelry equity loan is totally different. Your credit is never checked, and the lender never reports the loan to any credit bureau. With a jewelry loan, your credit isn't affected at all. If you're worried about preserving your credit score and how a loan might change it, a jewelry loan is a great solution for you. In just two days, you could have the money you need and with no aggravation involved. If you want a fast loan that won't influence your credit score, your best option is to apply for a jewelry loan.

When it comes to a personal loan versus a jewelry loan, there's really little comparison. A jewelry loan is easier, quicker, and demands minimal hassle. There are plenty of places to sell gold in Atlanta. And, many of those companies also handle jewelry loans. If you'd like to learn more, speak with the experts at Elan Diamond Group.

When it comes to classic and luxury watches, watch collectors and enthusiasts are divided between the Rolex GMT Master II and the Tudor Black Bay GMT. Both brands and both watches have a history of competition and quality that continues to influence trends in the watch industry today. Whether you want to buy or sell a luxury watch in Atlanta, GA, the battle between Rolex and Tudor could affect your next purchase. What’s the story behind these two classic watches and why is it so important? Keep reading to learn from the watch experts at Elan Diamond Group.

The Rolex GMT Master

The year is 1954; Joe DiMaggio marries Marilyn Monroe, the Boeing 707 makes its debut, and Rolex partners with Pan Am to create the GMT Master, one of the most iconic watches in the industry to this day. The GMT Master featured a two-tone bezel bearing the signature colors of the airline, red and blue. The color combination also closely resembled the colors used by up-an-coming soda distributor, Pepsi. The watch came to be known affectionately as the Rolex Pepsi because people associated the colors more with the fizzy drink than the airline Rolex had partnered with. The watch became the official watch for pilots and crew within Pan Am as well as other airlines and frequent flyers. The GMT Master was in production from 1954 to 1999.

The Tudor Black Bay

The Tudor company was initially founded in 1926 by the Veuve de Philippe Huther company in Switzerland. In 1936, Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, took over the company with the purpose of manufacturing Rolex-quality watches for a fraction of the Rolex price. Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill were among the famous names who adopted the Tudor watch brand, endorsements that helped spur the brand’s popularity into the 1950s. Following Rolex’s lead, the Tudor company also adopted the Rolex-style red and blue two-tone bezel well into the 1960s.

The Great Pepsi Debate

In March of 2018, Tudor announced at the Baselworld fair that they had finished their new Black Bay GMT model, complete with the red and blue Pepsi bezel. Not long after, Rolex also announced the new GMT Master II. The new Pepsi Rolex features a 40mm case with revamped, sleek lugs and Jubilee bracelet instead of the traditional Oyster. It also comes standard with the Caliber 3285 movement and a 70-hour power reserve. The Tudor Pepsi model is slightly larger at 41mm, but unlike the Rolex, it’s available with several different band options including leather, two-tone fabric, and bracelet. The new Master II has substituted the white gold Cerachrom bezel with stainless steel, a feature that many Rolex fans had been hoping for. However, as the Mercedes Benz of the watch world, the Rolex will naturally come with a higher price tag compared to the Tudor. Avid Tudor fans and enthusiasts on a budget will have peace of mind knowing that their watch is made with the Rolex-quality materials and craftsmanship. Whether you want to buy or sell a Rolex watch in Atlanta, GA, don’t be fooled by imitations. Consult the professionals at the Elan Diamond Group for all of your timepieces.

Diamonds were formed in the depths of Earth about 900 million years ago. For about 1,000 years, starting about the 4th century BC, the only source for diamonds was in India, but today they are found in 35 countries. Diamonds were first used as engagement rings when Archduke Maximilian of Austria, presented a ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. The rest is history.

Diamond Clarity Scale

Diamonds are formed under extreme heat and pressure, and often include birthmarks called inclusions, or external blemishes. It’s rare to find a diamond without these birthmarks. Diamond jewelry buyers use magnification to thoroughly view a diamond by all angles looking for flaws, or inclusions. The clarity scale for grading a diamond includes Flawless, Internally Flawless, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2, and I3.

Diamonds are each unique, and most jewelers have never seen a Flawless diamond. To a skilled diamond grader, a Flawless diamond means there are no inclusions or blemishes visible using 10x magnification. If you’re selling a diamond in Atlanta, be sure to visit diamond buyers who also sell diamond jewelry for an accurate grading of your diamonds. A diamond with extreme inclusions can have weak points, and is more likely to chip, but the mounting can be made to protect the edges.

Grades of Diamonds

The GIA system uses 10x magnification and grades the diamond by nature, position, color or relief, quantity of clarity characteristics, and size. Although a VVS1 diamond is one that most people would love to have, you can spend a lot less money on a VS2 rated diamond, and still have a beautiful diamond. Most VS1 diamonds won’t have inclusions visible to the naked eye, and a great deal of the brilliance of a diamond depends on the quality of the cut and facet proportions. With that in mind, a VS1 can look just a good as a VVS1 without paying the premium price.

Less Expensive Diamonds

If you are buying a diamond as a starter ring or piece of jewelry, buy an I1 or I2 grade for a lovely diamond at a fraction of the cost of a VS2 or higher grade diamond. The inclusions may be visible to a trained eye, but to most people the I2 diamond will be a beautiful gift of your love.

To learn more, contact the professionals at Elan Diamond Group.

Friday, 23 November 2018 11:03

Learn How to Care for Your Gold Jewelry

While silver has grown in popularity over the last few years, gold continues to be a staple in everyone’s jewelry box. Whether it’s a vintage gold ring or a new tennis bracelet, taking care of your gold jewelry will protect its beauty for years to come. If you plan on selling gold in Atlanta in the near future, these cleaning tips from the Elan Diamond Group will also preserve the value of your jewelry.

Daily Wear

The first and most important thing you need to know about gold is that it’s a soft metal. Compared to silver and titanium, gold is more susceptible to scratches and damage from everyday wear and accidents. Protect your gold from dings and scratches by removing your jewelry before playing high-contact sports or doing intricate manual labor with your hands. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals like chlorine and bleach as these substances will damage the structure of your metal, compromising its hardness. Use rubber gloves while using household cleaners like with acids or abrasives or remove your jewelry while cleaning. Even chemicals like makeup and hairspray can damage your jewelry and make it dirty. Wait to put your jewelry on after you’ve applied your cosmetics and hair products. Remove your jewelry before taking a bath because, like hairspray and makeup, soap scum will cause dirt to cling to your jewelry.     

Gold Cleaning

Cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis will help remove soap scum, grime, dirt, and oil buildup. Before you start scrubbing your jewelry, however, let it soak for at least three hours in warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Rinse away the soap and use a terry cloth to blot dry. For caked on dirt, use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean these areas gently. Patina is discoloration on the surface of the metal caused by oil from your fingers and other contaminants. Regular cleanings can help keep patina from building up. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your jewelry, you may need professional help to restore your gold to its former glory.

Jewelry Storage

Since gold is a soft metal, it should be stored separately from other pieces in your jewelry box. Store each piece of jewelry separately to avoid the possibility of tangling. Wrap each piece individually in a soft cloth. Lens cleaning squares are great for smaller pieces, or you can use cloth drawstring bags from your local craft store for watches, brooches, and pendants. For your special pieces, consider storing your jewelry in a fire safe that's also waterproof. For more tips on how to clean or sell gold in Atlanta, contact the jewelry experts at the Elan Diamond Group.


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