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How to Know the Value of Your Diamond

How to Know the Value of Your Diamond


Wondering what your diamond ring is really worth? There are a few ways to find out. Whether you’re just curious about a family heirloom or you’re looking to sell gold, diamonds, and jewelry in Atlanta, here’s what you need to know about determining the value of that diamond ring.


It Starts at Diamond Value

The foundational value of the ring is determined by the value of the centerpiece diamond. That diamond gets its value from what are known as the 4 C’s: clarity, cut, color and carat.

Clarity is measured along a scale, according to how many blemishes a diamond has or doesn’t have within it. The cut is the particular way that the diamond has been shaped—as certain cuts represent different values. The color is a reflection of purity. White diamonds are at a different value than, say, chocolate diamonds. Then the carat is essentially the density or weight of the diamond, with larger carats of pure diamond appearing in larger sizes.

Understanding how these qualities all apply to your diamond impacts how your diamond ring will be valued immensely.

Comparing to Market Price

While a ring may have a certain innate value as a culmination of all of these traits, the market plays a factor as well. The market value of diamonds and of the metal associated with your ring will influence what a retailer is willing to accept in payment for the ring. If you’re interested in determining the market value, you can do a little online digging for yourself. You can also consult with a reputable jeweler, who can provide you an estimate of both the value of the diamond ring, as well as the equivalent market value. Reputable jewelry dealers will be able to offer both accurately and professionally, while certain run-of-the-mill pawn shops may not. An expert jeweler will also have the tools and knowledge necessarily to accurately determine the value of your ring in the first place, while a general pawn shop owner may not be able to do so.

If the markets aren’t in the best place, then it may be worth it to wait until you can get a better deal out of your ring once the market value of diamond as well as the relevant precious metal are up again. Patience is a key factor when you sell gold diamond jewelry in Atlanta and elsewhere.

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