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Quick Checklist for Selling Gold and Silver Jewelry

Quick Checklist for Selling Gold and Silver Jewelry


Before you start selling gold and silver in Atlanta, it’s a good idea to understand the value of your jewelry and how the process works. Naturally, you want to get as much money as possible for each of your items. This quick checklist below can get you started.

Gold 1

Determine What You Have

First, you’ll want to spend some time going through your valuables. You might have diamonds, precious metals, handcrafted or ethnic pieces, or vintage jewelry. Each type will have a different value, and it helps to learn as much as you can about each piece. With diamonds, you’ll be concerned with the cut, carat, and clarity of each piece. On the other hand, previous metal jewelry, such as gold and silver, is all about the purity and weight of each item.

You can also make good money selling artisan or antique jewelry. It may be difficult to determine the value with those pieces because they’re unique and not everyone will want to buy them.

Condition of Your Jewelry

Once you determine what type of jewelry you’re dealing with, you should evaluate the condition it’s in. If your item doesn’t have any obvious signs of wear or noticeable flaws, it qualifies as gently used jewelry. You’ll want to clean it with safe cleaning materials before putting it up for sale. Cleaning jewelry that hasn’t been worn much will usually restore it to an almost-new condition.

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If your jewelry has some wear and tear, you can still sell it. Its value may not be higher than the value of the material it’s made of, but you could also find a buyer who appreciates a discounted item. It’s really important to be clear about what you’re selling when the item is in poor condition, especially if you’re doing it online. Otherwise, the buyer may return the item.

Determine the Value

The value of your jewelry is partly determined by how much the buyer is willing to pay. Naturally, you’ll want to do some research to ensure you’re getting the most out of each piece. First, you need to verify the purity of your material. You can do this by using a magnifying glass to check the engravings. For example, your gold piece should say how many carats it is. If the markings aren’t clear, it may not include enough real gold to be worth anything.

If you know that you’re dealing with real gold, you can determine the possible value of the piece by weighing each item. Of course, the gold price fluctuates and the value of your jewelry also depends on its level of purity.

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