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Best Characteristics of a Luxury Watch

Best Characteristics of a Luxury Watch


Buying a luxury watch can be quite the treat, especially if you've never purchased or owned one before. While some people will tell you that you're paying for a brand name and reputation, don't let that dissuade you. Luxury watches are more than just something fancy to strap to your wrist. In fact, there are many qualities and characteristics that definitely set luxury watches apart. When you buy a luxury watch, you're getting more than just a signature timepiece. You're buying an incredibly constructed work of art that can loved, appreciated, and worn for several generations. Being built to last is more than mere marketing hype.

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Mechanical and Automatic

Most mass-manufactured watches rely on batteries and electrical devices in order to keep time. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but they will eventually need the battery to be replaced. One of the most defining features of higher end, luxury watches is that they're mechanical and automatic.

Mechanical watches depend on the mechanics and movement built into the watch. Automatic means that they use a cleverly designed and specially constructed spring, rather than needing to be wound by hand. You'll notice that electrical and quartz watches tend to tick, whereas mechanical watches move more smoothly. With a mechanical and automatic watch, you'll never have any need for a battery or winding.

Crystal Clear

The clear face of a watch is its crystal. Luxury watches tend to use a "synthetic sapphire" crystal. The benefit of this is that it's incredibly scratch resistant and unlikely to shatter or crack. The synthetic-sapphire crystal can survive a lot of punishment, which is one of the reasons that luxury watches are able to last for many years and still look as good as new.

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Improved Ratings

Some of the best watches in the world have a "chronometer rating." This simply means that they have been independently certified and tested for accuracy. This process examines the watch in a variety of temperatures and other conditions over a period of several days. If the watch passes, it receives an official rating. Not all higher end watches go through this testing and certification process, but many do.

There are many companies that make excellent diving watches, but Breitling is well known for producing some of the best diving watches in the world. Most diving watches have water resistance measured at 30 or 50 meters, but they probably shouldn't be worn in the shower or pool, much less the ocean. A true diving watch is water resistant at 200 meters or more, and Breitling has some diving watches that go as high as 500 meters. There are plenty of places to sell luxury watches in Atlanta, but knowing what you have and what luxury means are good initial steps to determining what your watch might actually be worth.

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