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A Cartier timepiece is a true treasure, a fine watch that has been expertly crafted to be brilliantly fashionable and reliably precise for a long time. In fact, Cartier watches can even be handed down through generations as proud heirlooms. And while they are incredibly reliable, you may find yourself on the hunt for Cartier watch buyers in Atlanta. Why would you want to sell a luxury watch that is so reliable and stylish? Precisely because it is such a renowned timepiece! If you have a Cartier watch in your possession, you can trade it in for a great sum of money—provided you find the right buyer, that is.

So where are the best places to sell luxury watches? Here is a helpful guide to get you started:

  • You don’t have to be strapped for cash in order to sell a Cartier watch. Selling watches for cash is a great solution if you are tired of wearing the same old watch and want a newer model, or if you want to upgrade from a more affordable Cartier to one of their higher-end designs.

  • Cartier watches of all styles are worth an impressive amount of money, from casual watches to more formal pieces, leather-strapped to gold-band watches, or female and male designs.

  • Mechanical watches may be more valuable than battery-operated Cartier watches because they are built to last a long time. However, watches that run mechanically may require more maintenance, so it would be wise to get your watch serviced before you try to sell it. A watch in top shape will sell for top dollar.

  • Estimating the value of a Cartier watch depends on several factors, including the original price of the item, its age, the condition of the piece, and even the style of the watch. The best place to start is with a professional watch buyer specializing in buying and selling fine jewelry.

  • Do not take your Cartier watch to a pawn shop or an individual collector. They do not have the expertise to properly appraise your watch and will lowball you with a measly selling price. Professional buyers know how to estimate the true value of a Cartier watch and will give you the best price.

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  • Similarly, avoid auction houses and specialty stores because they do not specialize in jewelry and precious metals. People who can appraise antiques and art may not be able to appraise the value of a Cartier watch.

  • If you are still thinking, “I don’t know where to sell my watch in Atlanta,” then start by researching professional jewelry buyers. Note that they may advertise themselves as diamond, silver, or gold buyers; anyone with an eye for precious metals will take interest in a real Cartier watch.

  • Find buyers that have many years of experience, who buy and sell in a secure environment, and are not just looking for scrap metal. A Cartier watch is worth more than the scrap value of its metals; its style and precise design make it far more valuable.

Use this guide the next time you want to sell a beautiful, high-end Cartier watch. Cartier watch buyers in Atlanta will be more than willing to pay top dollar for such an impressive timepiece.