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Most people know that there are different kinds of diamonds. There are different cuts, clarity, and other factors that need to be considered when purchasing a diamond or selling it to one of the Atlanta diamond buyers. There are different colors, even brown diamonds for you to sell. And of course, there are different sizes. The smallest type of diamonds are called melee diamonds. To determine the value of these diamonds, here are 2 things that you should look for.


Melee diamonds are known for their size. In fact, some consumers call them diamond chips because they’re so small. Many people will use these as part of their diamond setting. They may have several melee diamonds around their larger diamond on their rings or other piece of jewelry. They tend to range between .001 and .18 carats. These are the most commonly found diamonds in the world. Because they’re so common and so small, they tend to be much cheaper and less valuable than other types of diamonds.


Since these diamonds are so small, they are usually sold unpolished and unfaceted. This means that the diamonds are typically rough to the touch. The roughness can impede the light hitting the diamond, which makes it difficult to reflect the light. It won’t bend the light as much. This will cause the diamond to have less clarity, which can impact the value of the diamond.

For people who are looking to sell a melee diamond to one of the diamond buyers in Atlanta, it’s important to know how to determine the value of these diamonds. When selling the diamond, one should have a better idea of what the value of the diamond is and how much they can get for it. Know the size of the diamond in carats. Find out whether or not it’s polished. If there is still any question as to the value of the melee diamonds, then one should bring it to a professional who can evaluate it and determine its worth.