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With the cost of gold on the rise, many are choosing to sell their old rings, coins, and jewelry. Selling your precious metals to a gold buyer is a great way to de-junk your space while putting a little bit of extra cash in your pocket. Before you allow the first gold buyers in Buckhead to pay you for your gold, though, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • Find the best deal first. When selling your gold, it’s important to shop around. To start, consider taking your gold to a reputable jeweler or pawn shop. They can estimate the value of your pieces and give you a base price. This gives you a point of reference when looking for gold buyers. Collect bids from at least 3 or 4 buyers before deciding on a purchaser for your gold.
  • Be cautious of traveling buyers. You may see invitations for gold buying conventions or conferences in local hotels or businesses. These pop-up buyers flood the market with advertisements, set up shop in a local company, and buy as much gold as they can from the surrounding the area before leaving. In many cases, customers aren’t paid what they should be for their gold. Don’t fall victim to these scams. You want to get the most money for your precious metals.
  • Don’t mix your karats. When selling your gold, the buyer will most likely weigh your pieces as way to help determine their value. If you have various karat pieces, it’s important to separate them beforehand. Otherwise, you may end up being paid less for your high-karat pieces because they are being weighed with the lower karat pieces. While it may seem like something small, separating your karats is a great way to make more.

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  • Watch the scale. Before weighing your metals, verify that the scale is working correctly. The buyers should be weighing your gold by the Troy ounce, and you should be paid accordingly. Some buyers try to weigh gold by the pennyweight and then pay out based on the gram. Because these measurements are different, it’s a sneaky way to pay less than what gold pieces are worth. It’s important that your gold is measured and paid based on the same measurement.
  • Check the fine print. Whether you are selling online or to someone local, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of your contract carefully. Some websites charge very high shipping rates or tack on additional fees. This can cost you a lot more and leave you with less money in your pocket. It’s also important that your buyer protects you, too. A policy that provides reimbursement if your gold gets lost or damaged is a sign of a trustworthy company.
  • Verify your gold’s history. While all gold is valuable, some pieces may have a historical history associated with them. This could make them even more valuable. Check the history of your antique items to ensure that you receive the right price for them.

Selling gold in Buckhead, Atlanta, is an easy way to make extra money. By following these 6 tips, you’re sure to get more for your gold when you start the selling process.